Adamari López captured in the arms of another man

After officially announcing his separation from his ex-partner and father of his daughter, Alaïa Costa, Toni Costa, the Puerto Rican actress, Adamari Lopez She was caught in the arms of another man causing great surprise and confusion on social media.

Through some Instagram stories, the beautiful presenter of the Telemundo program, Today, appears with his legs and arms around the body of a man, who carried her from one side to the other, and Adamari Lopez he just let himself be loved.

“Are you Tarzan?” They asked the man.

“And this is my Cheetah,” he replied.

The 50-year-old actress from Humacao, Puerto Rico, who starred in the hit telenovela, Friends and rivalsShe wore a leather miniskirt and a ribbed sweater, showing off her beautiful figure, which she has recovered with a lot of effort and dedication since she joined the WW challenge.

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The man who carried in his arms Adamari Lopez It is her stylist, known as Reading Pantaleón, who, apparently, carried the famous beauty to prevent her from getting dirty or getting tired with the heels.

And it is that, since the singer’s ex Luis Fonsi He ended his relationship with his most recent partner, Toni Costa, everyone has hoped and wished that there could be a reconciliation between them, although that seems increasingly distant, despite the fact that they continue to get along very well for the sake of their 6 year old daughter.

And is that, Adamari López She looks increasingly happy with her single status, enjoying her friends and her safety and self-esteem, which she has recovered to the fullest with her makeover, with which she has lost several kilos and several extra sizes.

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Also, recently, it was rumored that the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, whom Adamari met during his time on the dance reality show, Look who is dancing, where he participated and he was his coach, and with whom he later fell in love; He is now dating another woman, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Through the Chisme No Like program, an interview with a man was released, who was a partner of one of Toni’s Zumba students, who hinted that his now ex-wife and mother of his son is dating the choreographer, and is very enthusiastic about him, because he even traveled to Miami to take a Zumba class with him.

“Obviously it hurts when someone cheats on you, we have a son and he has my name tattooed on his finger,” he said.

Tomy Domínguez said that Evelyn, his wife, met Toni Costa in a Zumba class, and two weeks later she was with him in Miami.


Adamari López captured in the arms of another man. PHOTO: VIDEO CAPTURE

However, this has not been confirmed by Toni himself, nor by his student, who is nicknamed “La Bichota”, and much less by Adamari López, who is currently focused on his projects Hoy Día y Así se Baila, thus as in his health and new lifestyle, without forgetting, of course, his little Alaïa.

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Adamari López captured in the arms of another man