Adamari López could send a message dancing to her ex-partners

For a long time Adamari Lopez has become an icon of struggle, so now that he shared this video that could also be a message for their ex-partners, has shown its complete bravery.

This flirty and successful television host He has earned the affection and admiration of millions, thanks to his personal story, he managed to survive cancer and two divorces with two men who perhaps at the time were the love of his life.

Although perhaps some people seeing the video of Adamari López while he is dancing a bachata, they would immediately think that it is a strong message for the singer Luis Fonsi and the dancer Toni Costa, for others it is a message of improvement.

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“The best version of me” of the singer Natti Natasha next to Romeo Santos is the melody that Adamari is dancing, with slow movements of her hips and shapely legs.


Adamari López is a woman admired by millions | Instagram adamarilopez

Every day being the best version of me, “wrote Adamari López.

With this strong message for her fans, the flirtatious host and actress from Puerto Rico motivates herself day by day, something that surely infects her millions of followers, ever since she decided to change her lifestyle.

In her video she appears wearing a cute pink short that allows us to admire her beautiful shapely legs, which she stretched out wearing beige bracelet sneakers.


At the top she is wearing a short-sleeved top in white, with a light print in a soft pink color, in her hair as an accessory she is wearing a white headband with a bow on top.

Divorces of Adamari López

Adamari López was married to the famous interpreter of the hit song “Despacito” Luis Fonsi, from 2006 to 2010, just when cancer was detected, it is said that the singer decided to leave her when he fell ill.

That is why for a time and perhaps to this day Fonsi continues to be an unpleasant character for some people, for supposedly abandoning his sick wife.

His second marriage was with Toni Costa, with whom he had his daughter Alaïa, the well-known dancer was married from 2011 to 2021, it was at the beginning of the year when the news of their separation was shared, something that affected the actress a lot.

Surely for this reason she decided to lose weight and regain her figure, given that due to the type of treatments she was subjected to, she gained weight, which surely made it quite difficult for her to lose weight later.

Today we see her not only more beautiful physically but also emotionally, Adamari Lopez became an icon of strength for other women.

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Adamari López could send a message dancing to her ex-partners