Adamari López defends herself after attacks by Miss Universe result

Adamari López, one of Telemundo’s most beloved conductors, is at the center of the controversy after her time as a jury for Miss Universe 2021, where the 21-year-old representative of India, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, won the beauty pageant.

It all happened on Sunday, December 12, when the Miss Universe 2021 election and coronation evening took place, an edition in which 81 women who represented different countries around the world participated.

Harnaaz Sandhu, the representative of India, took the crown, while Nadia Ferreira, candidate of Miss Paraguay, was second runner-up. This last contestant and Adamari López became the most talked about topic of Miss Universe 2021. Why? Here we tell you.


According to several Internet users and users of social networks, Adamari López made an alleged comment about Nadia, which he immediately deleted, where he allegedly said that the Miss Paraguay candidate did not win because she did not look natural.

This unleashed a shower of criticism towards Adamari López, who has not done well in Miss Universe 2021. Although the Puerto Rican actress shone in the final gala, the public claimed the little support for the Latin American delegates as the only representative of the Latino community in the election committee of the most important beauty pageant on the planet.

Then, through her Instagram account, the television host uploaded photos with Miss Universe 2021, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, and other delegates, which upset more than one of her fans.

Adamari López began to receive a shower of criticism for her performance in the beauty pageant and for the alleged comment she made towards Nadia Ferreira. “I had you on a pedestal, now I understand the bad comments towards you”, “What rises like a palm tree falls like a coconut! Zero professional ”,“ Your position in the MU was great, where was the objectivity? ”, Were some of the comments that users wrote to him on his Instagram profile.

Faced with this tense situation, Adamari López gave her version of events and tried to clarify what had happened at the Miss Universe 2021 ceremony. The host of the Hoy program ruled out that she had made any negative comments towards Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay candidate, and he expressed all his respect, according to People en Español.

“I have not made any bad comment at any time, neither to her nor to any of the contestants. I am very surprised by the person who started this comment, I also saw that he said that he had talked too much, maybe the heat of the moment made him say things that had not happened, “he said.

“I am calm, I know that I have not said anything or hurt any susceptibility and that all the comments I have made about Nadia were excellent because that was the job she did. I have not said absolutely anything contrary to that, “added the TV host in an interview with her partner Chiquibaby.

In addition, the Puerto Rican actress wanted to clarify that it was not in her hands that Nadia Ferreira won since the jury is not composed only by her. “This is not just my decision, there were more members of the jury and they chose who was the winner in this contest,” he said.

Later, Adamari López expressed the admiration and great respect she feels for the work of Miss Paraguay, with whom she was able to speak after the contest ended. “I congratulated her and told her that she had done a beautiful and wonderful job, that she too could have been the winner, and that’s all I said,” she said.

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Adamari López defends herself after attacks by Miss Universe result