Adamari López impacts in a pink Barbie swimsuit at 50, like a cute little mermaid

Like a true model, the beautiful Puerto Rican actress, Adamari Lopez, impacts on swimsuit pink Barbie at 50, like a cute little mermaid. The host of the Telemundo program, Today, graced the cover of Hola magazine, and opened his heart assuring that he is in the best moment of his life.

Wearing a spectacular figure, in a classic, but flattering Barbie pink swimsuit, the gorgeous Adamari Lopez He showed that, at 50 years old, he is better than ever and looks more jovial, fresh and stylish than ever, appearing much younger, as well as an incredible security and self-esteem that is contagious.

On the cover of Hola magazine appears the actress from Friends and rivals and Crazy Love With her beautiful one-piece swimsuit and a single strap, with a simulated belt on one side of the body, which contrasted with the landscape full of vegetation in the background, where the images were taken.

Adamari Lopez She looks beautiful, showing her tiny waist, and a beautiful face that highlights her beautiful green eyes, highlighted with makeup in natural tones and very faint pinks, which gave shine to her appearance, while her loose and damp hair fell from the sides, like fresh out of a heavy rain.

But in addition to her incredible physical beauty, the singer’s gorgeous ex-wife Luis Fonsi and the spanish dancer Toni Costa, he projected tremendous security, opening his heart to shout from the rooftops that he feels stronger than ever.

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“Emotionally, physically and spiritually I feel much stronger, much better and I continue working to be well and to provide a great future for my daughter,” he said.

Finishing off with a powerful phrase that empowers all women, and that we should all follow, as did the beautiful actress and presenter from Humacao, Puerto Rico.

“I’m giving myself that place that I deserve,” he emphasized.

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And the thing is, this year has been quite extraordinary and strong for the spoiled little girl on television, because in addition to going through a notorious and sad separation from her partner for 10 years, the Spanish choreographer Toni Costa, with whom he had his daughter Alaïa Costa; On the other hand, he has lived an exciting and satisfactory process of lifestyle change, in which he has managed to regain his youthful figure, losing more than 14 kilos.

Several years, Adamari Lopez She has had to deal with the cruel criticism of haters, who for a long time criticized her figure, after progressively gaining weight, receiving the most unfortunate offenses that, although she did not answer, strongly affected her, and made her take the decision to get to work.

Firmly set the challenge of losing weight, Adamari Lopez She underwent an intensive exercise plan and a very strict diet, with which she has managed to become another woman, a younger, confident, and happy one.

This is how he recognized it in the recent interview with Hola, where he completely unburdened himself, talking about what his life has been in the last year, his separation, his mood and his thirst to eat the whole world, to be happy and ensure that your daughter continues to be as happy as she is until now, recognizing that after a long time she is taking her place.

In the publications you can see behind the scenes of his photo shoot for the magazine, where Adamari Lopez It appears with different and incredible swimsuits, in addition to the pink Barbie, one made of leather, and one very retro with a polka dot print. Simply spectacular.


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Adamari López impacts in a pink Barbie swimsuit at 50, like a cute little mermaid