Adamari López puts a stop to Myrka Dellanos who asked her about Toni Costa’s new partner

Things got hot in “The Hot Table” when Adamari Lopez She was a guest on Telemundo’s new talk show. The hot topic around the spoiled shortie is that her ex Tony Costa is premiering new love and Myrka Dellanos she couldn’t help asking Adamari about this new relationship.

“Ada wanted to ask you… obviously they are both public figures and people are commenting on TV, [Alaïa] going to see something… I wanted to ask you specifically about the new partner you have [Toni Costa]. Although one no longer wants to be with a man, because it has happened to me, if that man immediately starts with another person, he gives me something that bothers me, ”Myrka asked.

Adamari’s discomfort was felt and she simply said, “Our daughter must be watching the showAnd that’s all I have to say“.

Adamari hinted that his daughter Alaïa does not know that her father is having an affair with Evelyn Beltran and that is why he preferred not to delve into Myrka’s question, putting a stop to it. The also presenter of “Hoy Día” just smiled while the hosts of the program tried to save the situation by sending greetings to the little girl.

At the beginning of the interview, Giselle Blondet He read statements that Adamari made to Mollusco in Puerto Rico about the conflicts he has with Toni Costa.

“Toni and I have conflicts between two great people who do not agree on things, but we do not take that in front of the girl and it is not the example that we want to give the girl,” Giselle quoted Adamari in her interview with Mollusco .

Adamari explained that when he spoke of the conflicts he was referring to those that “may have [entre] parents who are no longer together.

“It does not mean that there are no conflicts all the time, but there are times when we do not agree on things between him and me that does not necessarily have anything to do with the girl,” added the also actress of “Locura de Amor”. “In these matters, the girl cannot be affected by any of the things that we are experiencing in situations. At least I hope from my part, that it is something that I have to remind myself every day, because sometimes one in a rage wants to say, ‘I’m going to clarify, I’m going to say’, and what we do is darken. The only one who gets hurt when you want to clarify things are the children. That is not the case that I want to have, nor the relationship that I want to have with Toni. I want to have a relationship, as far as possible, of harmony, dialogue and understanding so that the greatest beneficiary of all this is our daughter, who is the interest we have in common”.

“La Mesa Caliente” airs Monday through Friday at 3pm/2c on Telemundo.

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Adamari López puts a stop to Myrka Dellanos who asked her about Toni Costa’s new partner