Adamari López rains criticism for dressing as JLo

  • When everything seemed to be going smoothly in Adamari López’s career, the unexpected arises
  • Criticism is raining down on the Puerto Rican actress and host for dressing as Jennifer López (JLo)
  • “Ridiculous lady, she is already very old,” say users

Do you want to look like her? When everything seemed to be going smoothly in the career of Adamari López, who separated from her husband Toni Costa At the end of last May after ten years of marriage, the unexpected arises: criticism rains down on the Puerto Rican actress and host for dressing as Jennifer López (JLo).

It was on today’s broadcast of the show Today from Telemundo that a fun dynamic was held called La casa de los fantasmosos, where the Puerto Rican, along with her other colleagues, put themselves in the shoes of various artists. In the case of the short girl, she imitated the interpreter of If you had my love and My love don’t cost a thing.

They have no mercy on Adamari López: “Ridiculous lady, she is already very old”

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Many were surprised when Adamari López began to dance to the rhythm of the musical theme Change the step, played by JLo and Raw Alejandro, greatly overshadowing his fellow program members, in addition to wearing an outfit that further enhanced his beauty and that it was practically the same one that Alex Rodríguez’s ex used in the music video.

And although Toni Costa’s ex practically left her soul performing this choreography, to many it did not seem like the best of ideas: “Now sit down, ma’am”, “Ridiculous ma’am, you’re already very old”, “As it turned out to be professional ”,“ Such ridiculousness, the class is escaping him ”, you can read in some comments.

“You look better serious at your job”

"You look better serious at your job"
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A user did not walk around the branches and went with everything to Adamari López when he saw her dressed as Jennifer López (JLo): “I don’t like Adamari, seeing you with that shaking head. how many have lost weight but don’t walk around with that wiggle like a wolf, you look better serious in your job and dedicated to your daughter ”.

For his part, someone else said: “Dress as you dress, the poor thing does not give one”, while other people commented: “Nothing sexy, rather vulgar”, “Who can put up with this old woman? Now naked she let go “,” What is it, why is it out of phase? The divorce? Turning 50? Where was your elegance, your glamor?

“I resent people who lose their humility”

"People who lose their humility annoy me"
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Days before, or perhaps weeks, that Adamari López made official his separation from the Spanish dancer and choreographer Toni Costa, as well as the father of his daughter Alaïa, the physical transformation he was achieving thanks to an intense routine of exercises and change was very evident. of eating habits.

Although many people have applauded and recognized her for her effort, others believe that the Puerto Rican has lost ‘something’: “It bothers me people who lose their humility just because they are already thin. Less ego more humility ”, in which a great number of people agreed:“ It is the same as it is: out of control and out of control ”.

They say that Adamari López lacks a lot to look like JLo

They say that Adamari López lacks a lot to look like JLo
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Different Instagram accounts did not overlook the fact that in today’s broadcast of the Telemundo program Hoy Día, the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López, when dressing as Jennifer López (JLo), would receive a shower of criticism, for example, from the followers of @soyunhateryque.

“Good thing it was for Halloween. As a joke, perfect, because she has a long way to go to look like the Diva of divas JLo in body and talent “,” Not at all, JLo, despite her 52, remains spectacular. She is elegant and has a great body. Adamari has put a lot to him by taking off a lot of kilos, but he still needs to reach his heels ”.

“Not even dying and resurrecting is enough for him to look like JLo”

"Not even dying and resurrecting is enough to look like JLo"
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When it seemed that the spirits had calmed down, because it gave the impression that many were ‘stuck’ by the fact that Adamari López dressed as JLo for a dynamic of this popular morning show, the critics continued to be present for the Puerto Rican, who does barely a few months he reached half a century of life.

“Not even dying and resurrecting is enough for him to look like JLo”, JLo does not spend all day saying everything he does, what he wears, he does not walk in as many antics as Ada “,” It does not reach his heels ” , “Do not exaggerate, please”, “What a joke, or that JLo saw that program”, “God help you, then I look like Brad Pitt” (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Is hope dying for Toni Costa? Adamari López ‘presumes’ that he has a new love

Is hope dying for Toni Costa? Adamari López'presumes' that he has a new love
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It seems to be the end. After the official announcement that the marriage between Adamari López and Toni Costa had ended after 10 years together, which was made known in the last days of last May, it seems that the hopes of a reconciliation disappeared for the Spanish, since the short girl ‘presumes’ that she has a new love and wants everyone to know him.

With more than 30 thousand views to date, this video published by the Puerto Rican actress and host is available on her official YouTube channel with the forceful title “I have a new love and I want you to meet him”, so the reactions of his It didn’t take long for fans to show up when they finished viewing this post.

“They don’t know how this little man has me in love,” says Adamari López forcefully

"They don't know how this little man has me in love", says in a forceful way Adamari López
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After greeting her followers as only she knows how to do it, Adamari López did not beat around the bush and introduced Thiago, who is the son of Génesis, a woman who helped him take care of Alaïa when the girl was even younger and the Puerto Rican he was working. His “new love” is barely a month and a half.

Captivated by the baby, the presenter of Telemundo’s Hoy Día program playfully told the boy to confess to his mother that he was going to stay with her. At that moment, the short girl called Genesis to face the camera so that everyone could see “how beautiful she is and how well motherhood has been for her.”

Adamari López admits that she is “an old lady”

Adamari López acknowledges that it is "an old lady"
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In order to convince Génesis to have another baby, Adamari López told her that she believed that she could not have more babies, because she is “an old lady.” In a more serious tone, after both laughed at the occurrence of Toni Costa’s ex, Génesis confessed that she spent two more days in the hospital due to complications derived from her pregnancy.

“I did not have any pain, I had a lot of time in the hospital, but it was because the amniotic fluid was coming out,” confessed the Puerto Rican actress and driver about what happened when she gave birth to her daughter Alaïa, to joke again with the possibility that Thiago stays to live with her.

At that moment, little Alaïa realized that she had ‘competition’

At that moment, little Alaïa realized that she had'competition'
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Upon hearing all the uproar caused by her mother and Genesis, little Alaïa, who is the one who has been most affected after the separation of her parents, approached to meet her ‘rival’ for the love of Adamari López, although immediately She fell in love with his charms and gave him a tender kiss on the forehead.

As if she sensed something, the girl gave the baby another kiss at the same time she gave her mother a hug, then encouraged to carry him with the help of the two women: “Can you imagine that such a precious little thing fills joy to a house and fill my life with love? ”asked the television presenter.

“Having a baby is the most beautiful thing in life”: Adamari López

"Having a baby is the most beautiful thing in life": Adamari López
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Before ending this video, Adamari López revealed that having a baby is the most beautiful thing in life “in the world,” and then asking Génesis for some details of little Thiago’s routine, such as the time when he gets up to drink milk: “At four in the morning,” he said.

Finally, Toni Costa’s ex approached the camera, trying not to make Génesis listen to her, to tell her fans that she was going to see how to keep the baby, whom she considers her “new love”: “A see if I can take it away from her, totally, she doesn’t know where I live or how to find me “, he concluded (TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

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Adamari López rains criticism for dressing as JLo