Adamari López shows off a new treatment for her eyebrows

Recently, the famous conductor Adamari Lopez has boasted a total change to his face with a new treatment for the eyebrowssomething that without a doubt more than one will want to do it too.

It should be noted that the presenter went to the Mela Beauty Studio, in Miami, to perform the innovative and effective procedure.

The truth is that the eyebrows have become an essential part when it comes to doing your makeup, because it is something that stands out too much.

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No look is complete without having well defined and of course perfectly polished eyebrows.

Now, making them look perfect and in harmony with the makeup is not at all an easy task.

The first thing to do is take them out and define them well, and if you can’t do it yourself, you should find an expert.

Later, you need a product to help you give them the final touch and for girls who prefer not to paint them and fix them on a daily basis, there are also procedures that give incredible results.

In fact, that’s exactly what Adamari López did, who revived her brows with the popular brow lamination treatment with Melanie Jovanovic of Mela Beauty Studio in Miami.

This new and innovative procedure consists of the application of a keratinespecially for the eyebrows so that they look more defined, separated and abundant, giving the face a very natural lifting and freshness effect.

Hello, my beautiful people. Here I am pampering myself a little, doing the brow lamination where Mela, “said the presenter.

the too actress Then he showed the result and the truth is that his eyebrows now look spectacular and give his face another look.

On the other hand, less than a week after the premiere of The House of Celebrities, a reality show broadcast by the Telemundo signal, it has already begun to give a lot to talk about, since several of the members have begun to release details of their lives. private.

As happened in the first season of this program, Today, a broadcast led by Adamari López, has created a section to comment on what happens inside the property where, on this occasion, his ex and father of his daughter Alaïa, Toni Costa, participates. .

As expected, the audience of the program was impatient to know Adamari’s reaction to the premiere of this project, where her fellow presenters questioned her about the partition of her ex.

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Adamari López shows off a new treatment for her eyebrows