Adamari López shows off her figure after losing more than 14 kilos

Adamari Lopez has shown that there are no miracle products or shortcuts to lose weight, the visible results are just part of the effort and dedication that actress He has spent 22 months, a period in which he has exercised and has taken care of his diet.

Of course, the result is not fortuitous either, since Adamari Lopez She has been accompanied in the process by professionals in the field because 22 months ago she became an ambassador for the WW brand and since then she has been under the care of experts who guide her on her routines and ways of eating.

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So during this time we have been able to see how the Puerto Rican actress She has been making small achievements, because although at the beginning her weight loss process started slowly, in less than a year the results were very noticeable, so much so that even now they tell me that she is already very thin.

And without a doubt the process of losing weight has been very beneficial for Adamari López, not only physically, but emotionally speaking she has felt better, so much so that that good attitude has been noticed and that is why she has already they included her as a judge in the program “This is how you dance“from Telemundo, where you drive next to Mariana Seoane.

The changes in the life of Adamari López have been so drastic that she even decided to separate from Toni Costa, who had been her partner for the last 10 years, father also of her daughter Alaïa Costa, because according to Ada said, the situation with the Spanish dancer was no longer convenient for her daughter.

And although they did not give further details, both the television host and Toni Costa have continued to live together for Alaïa’s sake, in fact on Halloween the three of them went to ask for sweets together, although Adamari López has been firm in stating that she no longer plans to return with Toni.

This despite the fact that at some point the Spanish dancer was optimistic about being able to return with the host of Today, but it seems that little by little they have been accepting the situation that they will no longer return as a couple and now their only relationship is being Alaïa’s parents, something seems to have worked well.

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Adamari López’s changes in 22 months

Adamari López herself shared a photograph of herself when the WW program began and without a doubt, an incredible weight loss is noticed, according to the 50-year-old womanIn this time, she has lost 32 pounds, that is, around 14.5 kilograms that have allowed her to feel more self-confident.

That is why Adamari Lopez He reminded all people that they can lose weight if they are willing and persistent, in addition to telling them, they are not alone because there are professionals who can accompany them in their processes, as with WW where personalized plans are offered according to the needs of each person.

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Adamari López shows off her figure after losing more than 14 kilos