Adamari López: This is how she looked when she was married to Luis Fonsi

It has been more than ten years since the actress Puerto Rican Adamari Lopez She was dating the singer Luis Fonsi and at that time they were one of the most loved couples by people, however, their story came to an end and without a doubt it was the best for both of them.

Adamari López was 30 years old when she fell in love with Luis Fonsi and she was also at the height of her career, as she was one of the most desired girls on Mexican television and attracted attention in every place she visited.

All that was seen through the screens was what conquered the Puerto Rican singer, who met the beautiful Adamari López during one of his visits to Mexico and was left at her feet the moment he saw her for the first time in person.

The two successful celebrities began their relationship amorous in 2003, which continued until 2009 when they decided to divorce.

For most of the time Adamari always sported straight hair, up to shoulder length, and with a little fringe on the side, back then she had a very fresh and natural style, which suited her extremely well.

While in terms of her figure, we only have to say that she was one of the most envied of that time.

She had a flat abdomen and well-defined curves, basically everything she wore suited her super well and that is why she was setting a trend among young women.

On the other hand, last May of this year Adamari López celebrated her 50 years of age and received them looking more flirtatious than ever after having recovered her figure after having been criticized for several years for being overweight.

This is how today you look confident, radiant and happy, knowing exactly where you are standing and where you want to go.

All this together makes him look better now than at 30 years of age, because he looks more than happy and he presumes this every time he is allowed.

When asked how she managed to look and feel good about herself, she says it was a difficult process she had to go through after their separation.

She began to put herself first, giving importance not only to the physical, but to her health and her essence.

In addition, Adamari López continues with significant changes in her life, because as we mentioned earlier, after the separation with Toni Costa, the presenter has shown different modifications in all its aspects on social networks, where she has highlighted her aesthetic appearance based on a diet and frequent physical activity.

In fact, in this last week he showed on his Facebook account the beautiful touch-ups that he has done in his home.

I am happy because I finally did something that I wanted to do since I bought the house: change the floor! These changes help us to change the energy and make it look much better ”, described Adamari López in the video.

The home remodeling has included several sectors, in addition to the changes developed in the floor, the family room, a space enjoyed to the fullest by the protagonist, now it looks more alive thanks to the light provided by the windows, curtains and a white wallpaper that dazzles for its color, as well as the change of lamps.

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Adamari López: This is how she looked when she was married to Luis Fonsi