Adamari López vs. Toni Costa: What happened?

Adamari López vs. Toni Costa: What happened?


Adamari López and Toni Costa.

Almost a year after his surprise separation from Toni Costa, Adamari Lopez He spoke like never before about the relationship he currently has with the Spanish dancer for the well-being of their common daughter, Alaïa Costa López, 7 years old.

In a recent podcast interview from “El Mollusco”, López revealed that his relationship with Costa is not at its best after the controversial separation that occurred in May 2021: “Toni and I have conflicts, normal between two great people who are not always they agree on things, but that is not what we bring to the girl and that is not what we discuss in front of the girl, and that is not the example that we are going to give the girl. We can solve our big problems with reasoning, we can get angry, we can make mistakes and we can both screw up, between the two of us; not with her. The girl is not to blame for our separation or our mistakes, so we have to handle it with love, because we are going to continue to be a family and we are going to continue to ensure the well-being of the girl.”

Puerto Rican actress emphasized in his interview with El Mollusco that his discrepancies with Toni Costa will never interfere in the coexistence that he can have with his daughter: “Our fights, our mistakes and our lack of understanding cannot have repercussions in saying: ‘No, now you are not going to see the girl’ , ‘No, now we are not going to take pictures together’, ‘No, now we are not going to do this’. We are not going to take that to our daughter, even when we do not agree on many things that we do not agree on today. Today Toni and I can fight over a lot of things, but in front of the girl we are going to be her parents and we are going to be in harmony ”.

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Adamari López affirmed in the controversial interview that there are certain actions or events that she cannot afford to tolerate at 50 years of age: “For good I am good, for bad I am not, if you do not give me any reason I am going to be fine good, don’t look for me, don’t lie to me, don’t want to take me for an asshole because I’m not cool anymore, I stop being nice to be a person who doesn’t tolerate certain things, and when he doesn’t tolerate them, the talks, and when you stop to talk about them because they don’t pay attention to you, well, a fight is coming because I’m not going to stand it, I’m not 50 years old to be putting up with shit from anyone”.

Despite the illusion of his thousands of fans for a possible reconciliation with Toni Costa, López has repeatedly stated that he does not plan to resume his commitment to the Spanish dancer. Currently, Costa has given himself a new chance at love with the Mexican model Evelyn Beltrán.

Although it is true that Adamari López and Toni Costa took separate directions on a sentimental level, the couple continues to live together frequently for the well-being of Alaïa López Costa, the daughter they had together seven years ago. Recently, the proud parents were seen celebrating little Alaïa for her birthday, which was celebrated at an exclusive children’s resort in the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

For his part, Costa has assured through social networks that his separation from López was not due to a third party in discord. As expressed by the dancer in his profile on his Instagram, his love relationship with Evelyn Beltrán occurred months after ending his commitment to the mother of his first-born.

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Adamari López vs. Toni Costa: What happened?