Adela Micha: “It doesn’t take long to die,” said the journalist about Silvia Pinal, who tested positive for COVID-19

The Mexican journalist Adela Micha generated controversy and its video went viral in social networks, after expressing that Silvia Pinal “It doesn’t take long to die”, after testing positive for COVID-19. The journalist later clarified her statements.

And it is that this Wednesday morning Alejandra Guzmán and Silvia Pasquel, daughters of the 91-year-old actress, reported in television interviews that their mother, Silvia Pinal tested positive for COVID-19 and that she was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City.

Silvia hospitalized for COVID-19

Alejandra Guzman said his momá had blood pressure problems and a cardiac arrhythmia, for which she was admitted to the emergency room on Wednesday afternoon and was later diagnosed COVID-19, for which she will have to remain hospitalized.

The Mexican rocker said that Silvia Pinal She is stable, but in the same way she asked the public to pray for her mother’s health.

“It will not take long to die”, said Adela Micha

So the press began to publish the information about Silvia Pinal, and the Mexican journalist Adela Micha made a comment on her program “Adela told me”, Which is transmitted by Herald Television, which was criticized by users of social networks.

Micha was caught on video during a cut in her program where she expressed that Silvia Pinal “soon dies”, which was not well seen by users of social networks.

“And we have something prepared? (by Silvia Pinal) It doesn’t take long to die “Adela Micha told a member of her production team.

“Why don’t you write me something and have it recorded? I have many interviews with her, so they can put it together, “said the Mexican journalist.

“I think he’s going to die already”

“I believe that he is going to die”, finished Adela Micha who was captured on video, which was shared in Twitter and went viral, getting criticism against him for his statements about the so-called last diva of Mexican cinema.

After unleashing a rain of criticism, Adela Micha shared a video on her Twitter account clarifying the comments that generated controversy.

Adela Micha clarifies her sayings

“What happens is that they are saying that in the court … I said prepare the interview (…) And I did comment, do not die, because you are older, you have covid, you are 91 years old and you have heart failure for six months.“.

“What happens is that they are saying in court when they told me that Silvia Pinal was ill, I said prepare the interview, because I had already written to Alejandra Guzmán if she took the call to see the interview and yes I commented, do not go to dieBecause he is older, he has covid, he is 91 years old and with heart failure for six months, “said Adela Micha.

“And I said I’m going to call Alejandra, prepare the interview, to illustrate the interview nothing more. I did not contradict myself, it was not a lack of tact. On television, well, you have to illustrate things and that’s why I asked that they look for the interview and that’s how it was, “concluded the Mexican journalist to clarify her comments.

So far, Silvia Pinal is stable, indicated her relatives.

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Adela Micha: “It doesn’t take long to die,” said the journalist about Silvia Pinal, who tested positive for COVID-19