Adele: Fans lash out at her They want their money back!

Everything seems to indicate that fans of the famous singer Adele They are not happy at all after the cancellation of their show in Las Vegas and that is why they have demanded their money back.

That’s right, the fans of the singer Adele have shown their annoyance after the announcement of the cancellation of their concerts in Las Vegas.

Adele once again finds herself in the middle of a new controversy And it is that after announcing the cancellation of the dates of his concerts in Las Vegas, his followers demand that they be reimbursed for their hotel reservation and plane tickets for having given the notice just 24 hours after his first show.

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I’m sorry, but my ‘show’ is not ready. Half of my team has Covid-19 and it is impossible to do the show”, was the message with which the singer made the announcement on her social networks.

In addition, it has been revealed that many of the fans of the talented Adele were in the middle of the flight when the artist gave the news of cancellation, so they were left stranded, outraged and disappointed with the news.

And it is that unfortunately the explanation was not enough, since according to the media, the followers of the interpreter of Rolling in The Deep affirm that they flew not only from other states, but from places like Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to be able to see her in alive.

It’s not good for Adele and I think she knows it. His answer seemed very authentic. I guess it depends on whether the fans take their word for it.”

That was what public relations expert Mark Borkowski pointed out. Likewise, other people have pointed out that since the dates will be postponed, it will be impossible for them to return the money from their ticket, which ranged between 85 and 12 thousand dollars.

But that’s not all, since they would also have to book flights and hotel rooms a second time by the time the new dates are announced and many would not get their money back from the extra expenses to the concert.

I know I won’t be able to get out of work to come back, I know I couldn’t afford to come back. This trip has been a collection of Christmas and birthday gifts, as well as savings.”

So, commented a fan from South Carolina about the possible postponement of the shows, while another fan from Canada added:

We lost a large sum of money on plane tickets and hotels to come see it for nothing, quite unacceptable that a multi-million dollar production team could take away the illusion of people who flew and risked getting Covid because their ‘show’ was not ready”.

It is worth mentioning that the singer explained that this situation arose, since several members of her production team were infected with coronavirus, however, the Radar medium announced that the real reason would be that the artist has become a diva.

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Adele: Fans lash out at her They want their money back!