Adele talks about her ‘devastating’ divorce and how she overcame her mental health issues

Being a world famous star is not a guarantee to always be on the crest of the wave and rather ask the singer Adele, who after hitting rock bottom He has been reborn from his ashes like the Phoenix, acquiring the necessary strength to talk about one of the most bitter chapters of his life: her divorce from Simon Konecki, father of her 9-year-old son Angelo.


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The singer of Easy on me, 33, has told the magazine Rolling stone the difficulties she had adjusting to her new role as a single mother and how she had to fight an uphill battle with anxiety and depression, even before their separation, since these psychological problems only aggravated the arguments with her then husband, turning their home into a real time bomb.

The separation of Adele and Simon, with whom he married in 2011 and with whom, as we have said previously, he shares a son, came to light on Good Friday 2019 and it was, at that moment, when the interpreter was overwhelmed by the situation. Thus beginning a fight with herself, which we already anticipated, she ended up winning. “I was very saddened that my marriage failed,” admits the singer. “Having so many people that I don’t know find out that I couldn’t make my marriage work was devastating, I was so embarrassed. Nobody made me feel that way, but I felt like I hadn’t done a good job, “he adds.


The joint custody arrangement caused her to spend more and more time alone, which led to spend days and nights in bed watching The Sopranos and dealing with the “tsunami of emotions.” The artist has confessed that when she celebrated her 31st birthday in May 2019 with a group of friends, she felt very positive, but that the next day her harsh reality ended up hitting her. “I remember walking upstairs, taking my makeup off, and getting into bed. I felt quite hopeful. It was the first time after my divorce that I had had a really nice night and that I was fine being home and going to bed alone.” “I wasn’t excited, but I was looking forward to the next day.” However, after spending the night I was unable to get out of bed and watch TV, instead of keeping my head occupied as I knew to be done. ”

Aware that she had to deal with a period of ups and downs, Adele explained: “I decided to jump headfirst into anything that could ease my anxiety. “. And among those things, was traveling, so the interpreter took advantage of this time to visit Jamaica, Greece and a desert in Arizona, before also discovering that it was allergic to most forms of gluten and that one of the side effects of this allergy can be in the form of depression.


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However, taking time to get to know herself better and assimilate everything that had happened to her (away from public life) and rhaunted by great friends, including Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lawrence, Adele came back again and she did it wearing a completely different image than the one we had of her after lose more than 45 kilos. “I got addicted to the gym” the singer confessed. “I realized that if I could transform my strength and my body in this way, surely I could do it with my emotions, my brain and my inner well-being. That was what drove me. It just coincided with all the emotional work I was doing with myself with the visual, basically “the artist tells in detail.

A new illusion

In September, the 15-time Grammy winner made headlines again when she and NBA agent Rich Paul went public with their romance. The couple met years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party where they hit it off. “I didn’t really tell a lot of my friends at first because I wanted to keep it to myself,” Adele explained, adding, but, “none of them believed it!”


Before I started dating Paul, Adele’s friends They arranged some blind dates for him, which never came to anything. “It lasted only five seconds” jokes the singer during the interview. “I always thought: ‘You can’t prepare a damn blind date for me. How do you think it’s going to work? There will be paparazzi outside or else someone will inform them of my presence,” says the artist.

After those years of instability, Adele, who has indicated that Simon “was a great husband” and “is still one of his best friends”, is now focused on caring for her son, her love story and her new album, 30 in which he has once again undressed his soul.

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Adele talks about her ‘devastating’ divorce and how she overcame her mental health issues