Adolfo Aguilar on Rodrigo González: “Peluchín did not take me out of the ‘closet’ by force, he knew it years ago”

Adolfo Aguilar spoke about Rodrigo González live. (Photo: Instagram)
Adolfo Aguilar spoke about Rodrigo González live. (Photo: Instagram)

This January 15, Adolfo Aguilar made a live with his followers, who did not hesitate to ask themselves countless questions after talking about his sexual orientation. As you remember, the actor and producer revealed that he was gay to a local media.

Given this, many users who connected at 10 at night did not hesitate to congratulate him and tell him that he looked much more handsome, and that he left several broken hearts. Others went further and asked him questions that he did not hesitate to answer.

Among them, he made it clear that he always felt gay, not that it occurred to him overnight, and that he decided to reveal it to give a kind of example to people who are still afraid of accepting themselves.

Infobae also participated in the broadcast and asked him about Rodrigo Gonzalez, who was one of the first to give indications about Adolfo Aguilar’s sexual orientation, slipping close to Alejandro Pino. When asked if he felt pressured by him, Adolfo Aguilar clarified that he did not.

“Not at all, in fact he didn’t force me out of the closet, and he didn’t say it either, ah. I think not. Actually no, not at all (I felt pressure). He hinted things, he already knew years ago. Greetings to Rodrigo González”He stated quite calmly.

Adolfo Aguilar clarifies that Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ did not take him out of the closet. (Video: Instagram)

Another other time a user asked if the presenter of Amor y Fuego seemed handsome, to which he replied: “I think he’s a handsome guy, but I’m not attracted to him.” They also asked him if he had been a partner of Ricardo Morán. It is there that the animator emphasizes to his followers that not all gays have to be with each other or like each other, that they can only be friends. “I was not Ricardo Morán’s partner”, he clarified.

Adolfo Aguilar will tell details of his private life in the sole proprietorship "Where do I go?". (Photo: Instagram)
Adolfo Aguilar will tell details of his private life in the solo “Where do I go out?”. (Photo: Instagram)

Adolfo Aguilar also thanked the press for the respect they showed during all these years. “My friends in the media treated my sexual orientation with great respect. They never said it, they never commented on it and they never commented on it and they simply focused on talking about my work”, he pointed.


When reading the question of a netizen, who asked him about Alejandro Pino ‘Chocolatito’, Adolfo Aguilar He pointed out that this was one of the questions that he would not answer, sending a clear hint to the presenter of Willax Television, Rodrigo González.

No one should judge anyone I understand that we public people have a job that is public and that people have the right to comment on what you do publicly, because it is public, but your personal life, your personal tastes, unless you share them, people do not I should comment”, he indicated.


During the live broadcast he did, Adolfo Aguilar He pointed out that he knew that he liked men since he was very young. However, despite the fact that he knew he was homosexual, in his youth he had several female partners, calling himself a ‘womanizer’. In addition, he specified that until now he likes women a lot, but that he no longer felt sexual attraction to them.


Very few know that Adolfo Aguilar He almost made it to the row of married men several years ago, when he was about to marry his girlfriend at the time. This revelation was given in an interview with the #Dilo program.

“I was about to get married in my thirties… I began, as in a movie, to edit the situations in my head”Adolfo Aguilar told.

But why did he never make it to the altar? As he said, he himself decided to cancel the wedding when he realized that the relationship had no future. She was crazy, she was possessive and I hadn’t realized it. Thank God, son, my mom told me. More or less they hated her.


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Adolfo Aguilar on Rodrigo González: “Peluchín did not take me out of the ‘closet’ by force, he knew it years ago”