Adult film actress dies: Mexican actress dies at 55

  • Hispanic actress dies at 55 years of age.
  • Alicia Rio was an adult movie star.
  • His death is linked to Covid-19.

Adult film actress dies. A tragedy adds up to the world of show but this time it is about the adult film industry, because one more star has left for a better life at 55 years of age, according to what was released by the portal of The Sunthe porn actress died on January 17, after she was found unconscious inside her house.

According to the aforementioned portal, it was her ex-husband Steve Houston who told the portal of AVN that she had found out that the actress, Alicia Rio, had died all thanks to her niece who commented that the adult film star had not responded at home since the night before.

Adult film actress dies at 55, possibly due to Covid

Adult film actress dies
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“At this point, I really can’t say what the cause of death was,” Houston said. “They brought up the issue of COVID. I’m really looking forward to hearing what the coroner’s office comes up with. We will let her pass away peacefully and quietly in her home,” she added.

Many people close to her have echoed the possibility that the death of the Mexican actress is related to Covid, including an immediate relative who posted on Facebook the following: “we believe that, ultimately, it was a fight with the covid which shortened his life from what we hoped and expected.”

Alicia Rio, Hispanic actress, is found without vital signs inside her house

Adult film actress dies
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Houston paid tribute by saying the following: “Everyone loved her. It was the real deal for the industry.” She also recalled when he first met her in the summer of 1980 at a skating rink, “It was a summer skating rink open all night; They did it once a year where we were from… we’re both from Los Angeles. And in 1986 we got married, and we would be married until 1998, ”she expressed before the AVN portal.

But Houston said Rio was her best friend, as the couple remained “very close” until her death. At the time Rio entered the industry in 1991, Houston said, she was deputy city treasurer for the city of San Gabriel.

Houston, ex-husband of the Mexican adult film actress, recalled part of her career

Adult film actress dies
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“So she was a government official…and I was at the Rio Hondo Police Academy at the time, being hired by the Monrovia Police Department. We were kind of an interesting couple who entered the business… one day she decided that she no longer wanted to be city treasurer, and she wanted to be dancing and having fun, I guess,” Alicia Rio’s ex-husband said.

After his words, he argued that Alicia struggled to enter the adult entertainment industry, “We had an incredible adventure in the industry. They all loved her. It was the real deal for the industry. She didn’t go into the business because she needed money, she didn’t go into the business because she came from an abusive family or as you heard, she didn’t go into the industry to be famous. She went in because she loved having sex and she just wanted the freedom to do whatever she felt like doing.” Filed Under: Adult Movie Actress Dies.

Alicia Rio, the actress who appeared in adult films, came to work as a government official

appeared in adult films came to work as a government official
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Recalling how Alicia Rio’s drastic change from a government job to being an adult star was, Houston reported that she was “the first Hispanic in the history of the city of San Gabriel to be elected to the position of deputy treasurer from the city”.

According to The Sun, Rio entered the adult film industry in 1991 and was soon inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2004. This Hispanic actress is best known for starring in the adult films ‘Borderline’ , ‘Reflections of Rio’ and ‘Fantasies of Alicia’.

“She was my best friend”, were words that Alicia Rio’s ex-husband expressed

"She was my best friend"were words that Alicia Rio's ex-husband expressed
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Houston shared that he chose to follow her down that path and stated that he has no regrets about doing so. Although he left the industry in 2002, he argued that he and Rio remained very close until the day she passed away. “Everything she did, she sent me photos, we talked about it. It is a sad loss. She was my best friend”.

In addition to being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2004, actress Alicia Rio received a Lifetime Achievement Award the following year from the Free Speech Coalition within its now-defunct annual ‘Night of the Stars’ fundraiser. ‘. Filed Under: Adult Movie Actress Dies.

Another legend of adult cinema dies

Another legend of adult cinema dies
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Just a few days into the new year 2022, the news about deceased celebrities has been increasing more and more. Now the unfortunate news saddened the world of adult films, after the death of a legend of that genre was announced.

Its about actor and adult film director Jim Monroe, who unfortunately lost his life beginning in 2022, at 60 years of age. Monroe was known for putting a new face on exclusive films for the elderly, and was considered a legend, according to TheSun.

Legend of adult cinema lost his life on January 3

he lost his life on January 3
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According to reports, the so-called pioneer died last Monday, January 3, due to a serious illness that has not been revealed so far. He was named as an adult film reader because he supposedly brought the first DVD of that genre to market.

In his long career, Jim Monroe worked for Vivid Entertainment’s digital media division, Vivid Interactive, from the mid-1990s until 2001. The director then launched the independent Peach DVD label in 2002 with co-founder of Vivid, David James, as reported by the portal of AVN. Filed Under: Adult Movie Actress Dies.

Jim Monroe’s acquaintances reacted to his death

Jim Monroe's acquaintances reacted to his death
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Through social networks, acquaintances of Jim Monroe, reacted in their profiles to say the last goodbye to the legend of adult cinema. Many highlighted his great work as a director and how he changed the face of exclusive movies for adults by bringing them to the market in DVD format.

“Jimmy was a huge part of this industry at one point and was also in a band with my ex-wife years ago. I just want people to know that he was an amazing guitar player. One of the best I’ve seen in my life. We will miss him”, was the comment of a user on Twitter.

This was Jim Monroe’s career in the adult entertainment industry

This was Jim Monroe's career in the adult entertainment industry
Photo: Twitter

On social networks there were those who knew him in life and commented on the great person he was outside of his work as a director: “Jim was always a good man to me and seemed to enjoy life. May he rest in peace, ”said a netizen on his Twitter account, remembering Monroe.

In his directing career Jim directed several films including ‘Filthy Rich Girls 1 & 2’, ‘Girls Night In 2’ and ‘Bar Tales’. Peach had released over 200 DVDs when it was bought by ‘Red Dragon Releasing’ in 2005. Monroe’s other ventures included a stint playing guitar in the band Voodoo Circus along with veteran adult salesman Danny Gorman and editor Lisa McCormick. . Filed Under: Adult Movie Actress Dies.

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Adult film actress dies: Mexican actress dies at 55