Adult film star Mia Malkova runs away from the castle she moved into a year ago

Mia Malkova bought the majestic castle to fulfill her fantasies.

Mia Malkova bought the majestic castle to fulfill her fantasies.

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Californian actress Mia Malkova, 29 years old and who is famous for her role in adult films, he fled from the imposing castle he moved to just a year ago in the city of Portland, Oregon, given his desire to return to success in Hollywood.

According to The Oregonian newspaper, which was the medium that released the news, the renowned celebrity and her partner, Eli Tucker, organized for this weekend the sale of some of their belongings, with which they hinted that there was no going back in their moving plans.

The castle, which is known as blackberry castle, passed into the hands of the couple after acquiring it through a loan, but their change of life led them to break the deal and seek to renegotiate with Leslie Storey, to whom month after month they paid $25,000 dollars for a mortgage.

Fortunately for them, the negotiations came to fruition and they will only lose the $500,000 dollars they gave as a down payment, but they will not have to pay a single dollar more.

With Mia and Eli gone, Storey will put the appraised property back up for sale. $3.9 million dollars, but, while that happens, it will offer it as a vacation destination.

The residence of 13,000 square feet of construction and located on a 6.4 acre site, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as various elements related to any castle, such as armor, shields and turrets.

It also has a foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, movie theater, bar, wine cellar, two-story library, gym with rappelling wall, among other rooms.

The master bedroom, which is where Mia must have fulfilled much of her fantasies, has a sauna and hot tub, as well as room for a queen bed and a fireplace set in a stone wall.

Outside there are fountains, extensive gardens, a tennis court, a vineyard and a space dedicated to the preparation of wines with their respective cellar.

The castle is surrounded by tall and leafy trees, so it has enviable privacy.

The residence was not only “bought” by the couple with the aim of inhabiting it, but also to turn it into a film set for erotic films, but everything ended up being good intentions.

They planned to spend $1 million on various renovations, including installing a pirate ship and a swimming pool in a grotto, as well as remodeling their bedroom.

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Adult film star Mia Malkova runs away from the castle she moved into a year ago