After 24 years as a couple, Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel Mutti separated: the reason

Ángel de Brito confirmed the separation of Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel Mutti

Last January 19Catherine Spinetta Y Nahuel Mutti They celebrated 24 years of love. And, at that time, there was nothing to predict that the end of the couple would be close to materializing. However, it was Angel of Brito who, in this Friday’s edition of THE Mfor America, confirmed the separation of the daughter of the remembered Luis Alberto Spinetta and the actor, which would have taken place “in good terms.” The reason? According to the journalist, it would be none other than “the wear of the couple”.

Current DJ and former summer of ’98 had met at the end of the ’90s, when the actor was considered one of the most wanted galancitos in Argentina and had to go out with guards due to the siege of fans who saw him daily in the successful youth strip of Chris Brown. The crush was immediate and the relationship was quickly consolidated. To the point that, in 2001, both decided to seal their love by going through the Civil Registry. And, as a result of that relationship, they had their three children: Angelo (twenty-one), Benicio (19) and Justin (10).

If I close my eyes I remember the feeling of nerves before our first kiss and my question, what if we kiss each other to see if the embarrassment goes away? May it never end. I love you Nahuel”, Catarina had written this summer on her Instagram account to celebrate a new anniversary of the couple. And she accompanied the post with a sweet photo of the two on the beach. That, however, was the last post she made with Mutti.

Catarina Spinetta's post to celebrate 24 years of love with Nahuel Mutti
Catarina Spinetta’s post to celebrate 24 years of love with Nahuel Mutti

In December of last year, both they had been surprised by the photographers while enjoying a few days off in Punta del Este with their children. Captured through the lens of teleshow, they could be seen in José Ignacio shopping for healthy food in a well-known market. In addition, they stopped to taste a gluten-free rogel with a vegan caramel frappuccino, caramelized onion tart with green juice and sugar-free cheesecake, with avocado and cocoa milkshake. Later, they arrived at Mansa beach with their bags, relaxed, and putting a tarp on the sand to rest calmly. While he tanned, she set out to enjoy a walk on the shores of the Uruguayan sea.

“In addition to getting married and starting a family, we are still friends. Years go by and we continue planning and laughing together, banking on the good and the bad. Because we went through everything you can imagine and we know each other to the bone. We have a soul bond”, Mutti had told the People Magazine years ago.

In 2017, the actor and the DJ had celebrated two decades together with a trip to Mexico, but this time without their children. “We had never been gone for so long without the boys. We deserved a vacation alone to rest, reconnect and rediscover ourselves. The reason was very romantic: with this trip we celebrate sixteen years of marriage and twenty of love”, Catarina had told the same magazine. And she had added: “We are very present parents, of those who take care of and accompany. That requires a lot of hours and energy; For this reason, we decided to take this time for two, to get into the couple and rest.


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After 24 years as a couple, Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel Mutti separated: the reason