After committing to ‘Hoy’ and extra kilos, Televisa’s heartthrob cancels his wedding and humiliates his girlfriend!

Mexico City.- The actor Francisco Gattorno, who debuted in the Televisa soap operas in 1995 in The owner, this year joined the Today program because he was invited as a contestant in the second season of reality The Stars Dance Today.

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The 56-year-old Cuban, who spent 22 years on television until 2018, when he went to Telemundo to participate in The Lord of the heavens, had a radical physical change after being one of the most sought-after gallants from Televisa.

Having a few extra kilos and over the years, the Cuban has been pointed out by Internet users, however, he has not paid attention to the bad comments, especially when he compromised just two weeks ago.

In an interview with the media at an event he attended to support his dance partner in the reality, Rachel Bigorra, Gattorno shocked the press when questioned about his future marriage.

As you will remember, on October 12, the actor’s girlfriend asked him to marry him in full Today program and totally live. The young woman called Adamarys, who is several years younger than him and with whom you have 2 years of relationship.

The soap opera heartthrob received the tremendous surprise during the celebration of his 57th birthday, in which he ended up engaged: “I’m very happy, I was expecting it, it doesn’t surprise me because it’s something I was already expecting. I’m very happy and I say ‘yes’ “, said.

Although at that time he said he was very happy, apparently everything changed just a few weeks from now, because what he said to the press left everyone speechless. I know cancel the wedding?

When asked about how the wedding preparations are going and if he was excited, he said:

There are no preparations yet so they’ll find out (….) Hmm … yes, I’m kind of surprised. I was surprised on TV there in front of everyone, “he said visibly uncomfortable.

Although reporters insisted that he tell them something else, the former telenovela gallant did not utter another word that was not “surprised” and at no time was he happy or excited for reaching the altar with his partner.

On whether they will marry twice, in Cuba and in Mexico, as his fiancee suggested, he said: “We haven’t talked about that at all, they go very fast.” In addition, he shared that his daughters are just as surprised as he:

I do not know if for better or for worse but surprised, “he mentioned while ensuring that they do know his girlfriend.

When asked if it is a step that he is determined to take, he said that he is thinking about it and that for now they put him pause to your plans:

I’m still thinking about it. It is difficult to make the decision especially at my age as no … but hey, you cannot break the owners of anyone, he is a very special person in my life. We had never discussed it, it was a surprise. ”

The most surprising thing is when the Cuban said that did not believe in marriage: “Not at all, I don’t believe anything in marriage but maybe we have a very personal wedding, who knows. I’ve already gone through that stage, maybe we’ll have a ceremony or something but … the three musketeers are no longer the same as the three musketeers 20 years later. ”

Something that finally angered him is when reporters asked him if he was not worried about his partner being upset or break the illusion for what he was saying.

I don’t know … I don’t care or care in the least. I don’t really think about it, if they want to talk to me about something else that I don’t want to talk about anymore, I’m not interested in talking about it, “he said already annoyed.

Finally, to make it clear that he is not interested in getting married again, he said: “Love always exists, marriage is the one that damages him. Love is the most important thing, that there is joy and happiness. The rest is left over, the rest are epithets that are put to relationships and the world to stop it and make it less free. I love freedom“, he concluded.

Since last year, the actor confessed to feeling happy and very in love with his young partner, who he did not want to confess his age, however, he commented that he had already fulfilled the goal of marrying on several occasions, so he categorically refused to wear to the altar to Adamarys.

That is why his commitment attracted attention and now his words are not entirely surprising.

Source: Edén Dorantes YouTube channel, Programa Hoy and Instagram @programahoy

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After committing to ‘Hoy’ and extra kilos, Televisa’s heartthrob cancels his wedding and humiliates his girlfriend!