After losing the love of her life, Carina Ricco has finally resumed her career

One of the faces that caused surprise by appearing in a special performance in ‘Contigo Sí’, the melodrama produced by Ignacio Sada for Televisa, in which Brandon Peniche and Danilo Carrera they dispute the love of the heroine played by Alejandra Robles-Gil, it was nothing less than that of the singer and actress Carina Ricco, who had more or less stayed away from the forums, living in Los Angeles with her children Fiona and Lucawho, she said, are the most enthusiastic drivers for her to resume her artistic career in film and television.

Carina Ricco. (Victor Chavez / WireImage)

Born in Veracruz in 1972, raised in Argentina and a resident of Los Angeles for more than twenty years, where she has raised her children almost entirely alone, Carina is a former model and singer-songwriter with some acting credits, who is also known as the widow of the tragically disappeared Eduardo Palomo., who died of a heart attack at a Sunset Boulevard restaurant on November 6, 2003.

What were the reasons that led her to accept the character of Beatriz Guardiola, the wife of Ernesto Laguardia and mother of the villain who plays Barbara Islas? La Ricco expanded before the cameras of the program ‘Hoy’, pointing out that the reason why decided to take this role, which is a special performance and does not appear in every novel, which was thanks to their children: “They are the ones who have pushed me the most:”Ma, it’s your turn, you’ve dedicated yourself to us all these years. Get back on stage, get back on TV, get back to the movies“.

While Carina made notable appearances in the art scene in the 1990s, she actually felt a bit “out of place” herself in the prevailing arena at the time: uA singer-songwriter more attached to the styles of Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega or Joan Osborn, in the Hispanic market, although she had some diffusion, she did not have the favor of the public who preferred the electronic and stylized pop of Paulina Rubio or Thalía.

This didn’t really matter to him, andbecause at the age of 21 she began a very close relationship with Palomo (who was ten years older than her) and focused her energies on forming a family with him, without imagining that their union would only last eight years.

We knew each other, but we didn’t walk; one day we went to a meeting together and we stayed talking until five in the morning and we came to the conclusion that the most important thing in life was love and art. He left me at my house, gave me a kiss and we did not part again until the day he left. This was the relationship with ‘El flaco’ “

About his personal life, Carina had commented during an interview for the program ‘De primera mano’ by Gustavo Alfonso Infante, that over time has considered the idea of ​​opening up again to love after the mediatic but very short-lived romance he had with Leonardo De Lozanne at the end of 2011.

“Yes actually the first to push me to that are my children: ‘Ma, now, you have to have a partner, you have to fall in love’. It is important, in any way in life, to get back on our feet. I believe that love is vital in every way. What a son wants is to see his mother, father, happy, full. So yes of course I’m always open to love”.

Ricco He also talked about his wedding, celebrated in 1995 and that was organized in an improvised way, in 15 days, those that both had free from their respective jobs. “[Eduardo y yo] we were friends, accomplices, we had fun, we accompanied each other in our processes. When we decided to get married we were full, especially him after ‘Wild HeartI had a lot of work to do. He bought his wedding suit in Italy, I in Los Angeles. Our reception had nothing to do with typical wedding reception. We try to make it as intimate as possible”.

About the death of your partner Carina acknowledged in an interview with the magazine ‘Who’ that eThis was a very strong and painful experience, especially due to the fact that she was present when he was struck down., and his children, Fiona and Luca, were suddenly left without a father.

“He was very strong for the unexpected, for the young, for the healthy, for the children, for him, because if Flaco wanted something it was not to miss seeing his children grow up. He couldn’t imagine not being like Dad. He talked about it, his dad left when he was a boy and he didn’t finish growing up with him and he told me: ‘I can’t imagine being away from my children. They were the most important thing to him”.

Surviving pain is very difficult, but almost two decades later, Ricco is philosophical about it “There was a very strong, very difficult stage, of great sadness. Fiona has two or three years that she says she does not remember, they were erased. Luca, being super sweet, suddenly got mad at life, he was mad. It took me a few years to contain them a lot, to love them, to surround them with family, of people who loved them, of moments that were beautiful for them to help heal or give them at least a break. Make them feel like they were surrounded by love. “

According to his ideas, it is possible to learn to live with absence: “It is not an obstacle course, it is not to be overcome, there comes a time when falls are sporadic. But love, in this case for my children, helps a lot. If I hadn’t had Fiona and Luca I don’t know if I would have endured. The most difficult thing was to believe again in love and that everything is possible. My biggest anguish was how I am going to raise children with love if I no longer believe in it, but I ended up discovering that it does: it exists, even in the most desperate moments. “


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After losing the love of her life, Carina Ricco has finally resumed her career