After several weeks apart, Aislinn Derbez is reunited with her little Kailani

For Aislinn derbez there is no one more important than your little one Kailani, the daughter he had with Mauricio Ochmann. That is why you have found the perfect way to balance each of its facets with motherhood, managing to stand out in each of them. Some of what Aislinn herself has shown recently, after spending several weeks away from Kai, due to having to travel to Chile, where she recorded a movie. And it is that the strict security measures that still exist in some countries due to the pandemic prevented the actress from traveling with her little girl, so Kailani was left in the care of her father. Fortunately, Aislinn has finished recording her scenes and is in fact already at home with her little girl, with whom she has had a tender reunion.

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Through her Instagram stories, the actress from films such as Do it like a man shared a series of photos he took during the filming of the movie he just finished shooting. In them we could see her most smiling, very into her character and even characterized with a neck brace and her hand in a cast. Regarding the images, Aislinn shared a message in which she expressed her happiness for having been part of this production, of which she has not shared further details, explaining the reasons why her little Kailani could not travel with her, making it clear that his priority has always been his daughter. “Today I finished filming the fastest movie I have ever made in my life. The film could only be made in Chile and the health protocols are the strictest, just a few days ago the borders were opened ”, said the artist.

Aislinn revealed that due to these restrictions, it was impossible for her to travel with Kailani, so she had to agree with the production to record as quickly as possible and in the shortest time, so as not to spend many days away from her firstborn. “Not being able to travel with my daughter, I asked how much less we could manage to film her and they told me: ’18 days, working every day! ‘”, Said the actress, to later be satisfied with what was achieved:” It has been one of the most endearing projects I have done in my life, too funny and with a beautiful message. I ended up exhausted because I go out in 99% of the scenes, but happy! He added.

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A few hours later, the actress shared a video on her Instagram stories, in which little Kai can be seen painting in a notebook, while her mother watches carefully. “Happy to get back to crafts”Aislinn said next to the video, making it clear that she was already next to her little girl.

Aislinn and Kailani, the best travel companions

A few weeks ago, Aislinn Derbez had to undertake a trip to Yucatán, where she has filmed some scenes for her most recent film What fault is karma. For this adventure, the actress had the company of Kailani, who became a celebrity among her filming companions, because the little girl’s natural charm undoubtedly stole their hearts. And although the youngest had a great time behind the scenes and between dressing rooms, the truth is that her favorite part of this trip were the moments when she was able to live with her mother, visiting some of the most emblematic places of this beautiful state of Mexico, and swimming in the waters of the incredible cenotes found here, an activity that has become her favorite, according to Aislinn herself. “A month ago she was afraid of water and now she is a real little mermaid “, wrote when sharing a video in which the girl is seen jumping very safely to swim into the water.


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After several weeks apart, Aislinn Derbez is reunited with her little Kailani