Aislinn Derbez: Who is Jonathan Kubben, your new boyfriend?

Recently, it became known that the famous actress mexican Aislinn derbez He has given love one more chance and now everyone is wondering who he is, what he does and how they met.

A couple of days ago, through social networks, actress Aislinn Derbez announced that she has a relationship with Jonathan Kubben, a known influencer born in Belgium.

Aislinn revealed that she is dating the influencer Jonathan Kubben, a relationship that she had decided to keep secret, until now they have shared it through social networks.

Through a recent publication, the also model declared herself in love with her new boyfriend.

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This wonderful man makes me as happy as in the photo … And what do you think? I really want to live many adventures and grow and enjoy as much as I can with him, “said Aislinn.

For his part, Jonathan shared a photograph in which he appears with Eugenio Derbez’s daughter, which was reposted by her in her Instagram stories.

This is not what you think. Not even what we believe. We don’t know if it’s out of a fairy tale or if we’re in a hiatus in our lives, “Kubben said.


As expected, the reactions of the fans were immediate and many sent them their good wishes at this stage of his life.

Kubben is 32 years old and was born in Belgium, however, he has Mexican ancestry on his mother’s side.

He was a swimmer in youth, but had to leave it due to an injury, and is currently dedicated to social networks, especially sharing content about tourism and travel.

He has also dedicated himself to producing series and giving lectures, according to information shared by himself in his Instagram biography.

It should be noted that this was the first time that the actress of “La casa de las flores” spoke openly about her sentimental situation since in March 2020, Aislinn and her then-husband Mauricio Ochmann announced their repair.

On the other hand, Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben have been in a romantic relationship for nine months, so everything indicates that they would have met while on a trip with mutual friends.

Rumors about an alleged romance between Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben began to emerge last June, when the Mexican actress shared photographs of her trip to Guatemala, which she did with her brother Vadhir and apparently with two friends, one of them the lecturer Belgian Jonathan Kubben, who also has Mexican roots.

From then on, the speculations around Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben began to sound strongly.

Now, after the publication of the actress of “The House of Flowers”, it is known that Jonathan Kubben is the man who occupies a place in her heart and with whom she has been given a new opportunity in love.

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Aislinn Derbez: Who is Jonathan Kubben, your new boyfriend?