Alaïa Costa’s amazing gifts: a two-story dollhouse, a unicorn and more

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa They became parents in 2015 and welcomed their firstborn, Alaïa Costa, who is now 6 years old.

Both celebrities share photos of their little girl and the moments they spend with her on their social networks, as well as their activities, hobbies, vacations and the beautiful gifts they give her.

The amazing gifts that Alaïa Costa has received

Through her Facebook account, the television presenter shared a video in which she shows the two-story dollhouse that was given to her daughter.

The mini home has a security system to enter, air conditioning and an electrical system so you can turn on your lamps.

About the decoration, the floor of the house is covered with vinyl, it also has doors with protection panels and the walls are lined with decorative paper.

Another of the gifts they have given her is a white unicorn with pink details. The toy is also the size of Alaïa, so that she can climb on it without any problem.

The actress also shared a clip in which we can see her daughter riding the mythological creature and enjoying the ride with her mother, who walks by her side in a green jumpsuit and smiles at her emotion.

“My princess grows in size but her innocence remains the same and I am happy that she can continue to enjoy gifts like this, because @ponycycle also grew and Santa brought her this one for another year having fun on her unicorn!”, he wrote on Instagram.

Alaïa also does activities like any girl

However, not everything in Alaïa’s life is very flashy gifts. The little girl also does activities and takes classes like any girl of her age, because her parents want her to have a complete education and practice sports, as it is essential for a healthy life.

The little girl enjoys her riding lessons with her own white horse. According to Toni’s Instagram stories, her daughter attends the Equestrian Academy with instructor Wilson Ruiz. In the clip, Alaïa looks like an expert in the sport and handles her horse very calmly.

The 6-year-old girl is also in martial arts classes, where she shows off the skills she has at her young age, since she is already a yellow belt and has revealed that she wants to level up very soon.

In this publication we can see how he manages to break the board with a single blow, first he does it with his hands and then with his feet.

But the girl not only stands out in a sport. On her Instagram account, where she has more than 978 thousand followers, she shows that she also does gymnastics, one of her favorite activities.

But that’s not all, she also plays golf like a professional and it shows that she enjoys it. In addition, he revealed in his personal account that his father wants him to play always.

The first-born of celebrities also enjoys trips to the beach, the snow and amusement parks, because as a family they have gone on vacation to different parts of the world: Spain, Italy and the United States.

And since she is already a small influencer, she shares very stylish photos, posing on yachts with her swimsuit and her hat that make her look very beautiful.

Without a doubt, Alaïa is a girl who is very loved by her parents, who, despite their separation, care about their daughter’s well-being.

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Alaïa Costa’s amazing gifts: a two-story dollhouse, a unicorn and more