Alarm grows in the UK by Camilla Parker Bowles

The British royal family is not at its best. The cancellation of assistance Queen Isabel to the events on the occasion of the commonwealth day set off all the alarms about his condition. At almost ninety-six years old, the monarch continues to be very committed to her role within the institution, but she has suffered some major blows in recent times -such as the death of the Duke of Edinburgh- and her health, of course, is deteriorating. weakening. However, she is not the only one who is not well, but in recent days there has been growing concern about Camilla Parker Bowles.

Prince carlos
The Duchess with the Prince of Wales on a trip. / Gtres

The month of February has been marked by the coronavirus infections of Prince Charles, his wife and Queen Elizabeth. While for Carlos it has been the second time that he has suffered from the disease, not so for the monarch and the duchess of cornwall. As expected, the alarm about the situation of the sovereign has been greater than in the case of the rest, but the Queen has already almost fully resumed her commitments and has shown good appearance.

However, it seems that in the case of Camilla Parker it has not been so. As several sources have confirmed, the duchess of cornwall still has symptoms of coronavirus, despite having overcome the disease. Although she has already performed several acts, on March 8 she confessed that she had difficulty speaking, since the virus had affected his voice. “My voice can suddenly go away. Then I start coughing and babbling, ”said the Duchess. However, she has tried to fulfill as many acts as possible.

Camilla Parker
The Duchess with Queen Elizabeth. / Gtres

Despite this, the recent cancellations by the future queen consort according to the wishes of Queen Elizabeth, have caused alarm among the British. It should not be forgotten that, although her health is good, Camilla, to a lesser extent than the Queen, also belongs to a group at risk of illness due to her age.

Although the Duchess had several commitments this week, she has canceled her presence in some, which has generated some alarm. The specialist in the Royal House Richard Palmer revealed in his profile on social networks that the wife of Prince Charles was expected to be present at the new edition of the cheltenham festivalan appointment that is also frequently attended by other members of the royal family and even his ex-partner, Andrew Parker Bowles. However, his presence has been cancelled, although no further details have been given. According to the chronicler, it appears that he continues to recover from some lingering symptoms of the disease, despite the fact that he has received three doses of the vaccine. However, the alarm about her situation has increased, since no further explanations have been given about his evolution.

Camilla Parker
Camilla Parker in an act in Windsor / Gtres

Beyond the commitments she may have in these coming days, Camilla is expected to join the Prince carlos to travel to Ireland next week, in one of the trips that are planned for different members of the royal family within the framework of the acts related to the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

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Alarm grows in the UK by Camilla Parker Bowles