Alarms go off in the UK: Queen Elizabeth II cancels her agenda

Alarms in the UK. Elizabeth II has canceled her agenda for health reasons. The queen had planned for this Wednesday a visit to Northern Ireland, where did we see to Prince William and Kate Middleton just a few days ago, which you had to cancel. “The queen has accepted medical advice that have to rest the next few days. The queen is doing well and regrets that she cannot visit Northern Ireland, where she had to go to fulfill commitments both today and tomorrow. The Queen sends her best wishes to the people of Northern Ireland, and is looking forward to visiting the area soon, “the statement reads.

Doctors advise the Queen of England to rest

The British newspapers have not been slow to raise the alarms, and it has even been speculated that the loss of Elizabeth II could be due to the coronavirus, an information that they have denied from Buckingham Palace, although they have not given more details about the indisposition of the queen. It is not the first time that Elizabeth II has to cancel an act for Medical reasons, and although a great expectation is always created due to his advanced age, since will turn 96 next April, they are always specific problems without further importance.

Queen Elizabeth, this Tuesday. (Reuters)

In fact, this very Tuesday he presided over a reception at Windsor Castle, accompanied by Prince Charles and Prince William, and her appearance was the same as always, without at any moment it appearing that she was indisposed. There he received business leaders and world ambassadors, on the occasion of the Global Investment Summit, held in London that same day. Elizabeth II smiled, shook hands and chatted with the many guests, including Bill Gates, alone two days after her daughter’s wedding, always apparently well and with the usual attitude in these appointments.

What’s more, some media point out that has accepted medical advice “reluctantly”, since his intention was to continue with the scheduled agenda in Ireland, which included various commitments over two days. One of them, a religious service in the city of Armagh this Thursday next to the Prime Minister, Boris johnson, to commemorate the centenary of the partition and founding of Northern Ireland.

The Queen, with Boris Johnson at Windsor. (Reuters)

When he retired to Windsor Castle and canceled his schedule indefinitely Due to the pandemic, some voices even dared to point out that the Queen Elizabeth left never to return. But none of that. And, since she was able to resume her schedule almost normally a few months ago, the monarch has not stopped. Only in the last two weeks have you had 14 commitments, including a full day in Wales, with the hustle and bustle that that supposes. And only during this Tuesday, before the reception for the Global Investment Summit, he had three official solo appointments.

The vitality and desire to fulfill the Crown of Isabel II have been amply demonstrated in recent years, in which age has not been an impediment to carry out your agenda or even start preparing the platinum jubilee celebrations. In fact, not many days ago rejected the Old Woman of the Year award, which is awarded every year by ‘The Oldie’ magazine, aimed at an elderly audience. Among his arguments for declining acceptance of the award, he explained that “you are as old as you feel” and she considers that she does not meet the criteria to be recognized with him.

Queen Elizabeth, in a recent image. (Reuters)

In these 95 years, it cannot be said that Queen Elizabeth has had many health problems, at least serious and giving cause for concern. It is true that it is not difficult for the alarms to go off as soon as it is forced to cancel a commitment, but they have been few times. A bad cold at Christmas 2016 made her absent from Christmas mass at Sandringham be noticed a lot. Later, palace sources assured that he had the knee problems that led her to undergo surgery in 2003. And it has not gone unnoticed that in some recent engagements he had to carry a cane.

Ailments and specific problems that, although they worry given his age, he has always overcome, returning to his official agenda as soon as the doctors have allowed him. So despite the alarms already flooding the British press headlines, there is no reason to think that this time it will be different.

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Alarms go off in the UK: Queen Elizabeth II cancels her agenda