Alba Santana says goodbye to her father in Madrid: ‘I have not come to offer my condolences to the widow’

Alba Santana He has received another of the hardest blows of his life. Six months after Fbirth of his mother Mila Ximénez, his father, the tennis legend Manolo Santana died in Marbella at the age of 83. The young woman, who lives in Amsterdam with her husband, Aviv Miron, and their children, Alexander, and Victoria, could not be present at the burning chapel held in Marbella, but he did want to say goodbye to his father at the Caja Mágica in Madrid. Alba has categorically stated that “although I have no relationship with the widow, I have not come to offer my condolences to her, I did want to say goodbye to him personally and it has been like that“, has declared in an interview with Save me. He also wanted to highlight that Manolo Santana was a very funny father and “he was so affectionate with me“They traveled a lot together and he admits to being very lucky because both he and his mother, Mila Ximénez, raised him in “an incredible love, when I think of him I smile and that makes me happy “.

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– Bárbara and Borja, the most unknown children of Manolo Santana, go to their father’s burning chapel

Otti Glanzielus, who was the third wife of Manolo Santana, goes to say goodbye to the tennis player


Alba explained that It seemed a lie to be back in the capital under these circumstances, but “that’s how life has been and here I am.” The best daughter of the famous tennis player has declared to be without strength but that she had the need to come to give her last goodbye since, although while she was alive “we had a hard time seeing each other”, She has expressed how much her father meant to her: “I have had a great esteem for him, I have loved him very much, I love him very much and now I know that he rests in peace“.

Upon his arrival in the capital, this morning as soon as he landed, with his eyes covered by dark glasses, he was very kind to the press to stop. to assure that it was a very complicated moment. Perhaps with the memory of her mother in her memory, Alba with a broken voice explained that it was a difficult moment and that she was going to say goodbye to him. Upon arrival at the burning chapel, he has embraced his sister Beatriz, On which she has always relied a lot, when Mila Xímenez passed away, Beatriz and her mother, María Fernanda González-Dopeso, were supporting Alba in such a difficult time. Afterwards, he has walked the center court in which the coffin has been surrounded by wreaths and photos of the tennis player.

Claudia Rodríguez, the widow of Manolo Santana with whom he shared his life since 2013, She has not been separated from the remains of her husband and has received the condolences and affection of many friends who have come to the sports complex, in whose center court that bears the name of the athlete they pay tribute to him. Between tears and sheltered by two of the tennis player’s children, Borja Santana, born of his relationship with his first wife, María Fernanda González-Dopeso, and Bárbara Catherina Santana, The daughter of the idol who was born as a result of her fleeting romance with the flight attendant Bárbara Oltra, who accompanied her yesterday in the burning chapel in Marbella and did the same today in the one in the capital, Claudia commented that if there was something to highlight about Manolo Santana was his humility. Alba is the fifth daughter and the youngest of all the children of an acclaimed tennis player. Everyone they have wanted to accompany their father in his last goodbye, With the exception of the oldest, Manolo, who is in Galicia and has not been able to travel due to health problems.


Alba Santana goes through one of the most complicated moments of her life after losing her parents in the same year. He said goodbye to his mother in June, whom he cared for until the end during the serious illness that ended his life -lung cancer-, and now he has to do the same with his father. His parents’ divorce was traumatic, as Alba recounted in the pages of HELLO! and explained that she had to stop living with her mother as a child. At the age of six Alba Santana went to live with her father and his third wife, Otti Glanzielus, in Marbella. When he turned ten he settled in with his mother but two years later the journalist’s financial problems forced him to give up living with his daughter. Over the years, Mila Ximénez was able to make up for lost time with her daughter, who always defended her tooth and nail from those who criticized her. “To those who talk about my mother and say that she abandoned me, I tell them that She offered me the greatest proof of love a mother can offer: she gave up on me so I could have a future. And she did it with all her love and broken with pain. “

It had not been easy for her to grow up being the daughter of Mila Ximénez and Manolo Santana, but spoke with great pride of his parents. “They are two opposite worlds and they separated when I was very little. But I am aware that both of them have loved me very much. In any case, although I grew up very young, I have been a very happy girl “, counted. Proof of this is that despite their problems and differences, they were always clear that their only priority was the happiness of their daughter and both met in her daughter’s wedding on June 16, 2006 in Marbella.

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Alba Santana says goodbye to her father in Madrid: ‘I have not come to offer my condolences to the widow’