Alberto de Monaco confirms that Charlene is back in the hospital and speaks more clearly than ever about her health

Alberto de Monaco had already given some clue when he declared that his wife was not in the Principality and that his ailment was not only physical. It was thus intended to shed some light on the confusion caused by the palace announcement just a week after the return of Princess Charlene from South Africa in which she announced that she was temporarily retiring from public life and that her location would be confidential. Now, her husband has spoken out about his situation in an interview on People revealing that She is admitted to a center of her own free will after suffering a deep exhaustion, both emotional and physical.

Charlene reappears with a meaningful message since her retirement

According to the Prince, his condition is partly due to the aftermath of the operations and treatment he underwent in recent months, but it is not just that. “I can tell I was suffering from incredible fatigue. I couldn’t sleep well for several days, I wasn’t eating well either.. She has lost a lot of weight, which makes her more vulnerable to illnesses, such as colds, flu or, God forbid, COVID, “he explained. The decision was made when the sovereign returned from his official trip to Dubai this weekend, with the Princess’s brothers and a sister-in-law. “She had already decided and we just wanted her to confirm it in front of us. She wanted it that way. She already knew that the best thing she could do was to leave, rest and receive adequate medical treatment,” said the sovereign, assuring that that place did not It could be in Monaco, for privacy reasons, although it is in Europe.

One of the reasons why he has been so clear when explaining the process that Charlene is going through, and before which he affirms that she is calm after understanding that she needs help, is the need to stop the speculations that have arisen. One by one, Alberto de Monaco has denied each of the rumors that have arisen, especially the most widespread: the marriage crisis. “This is not Covid and it is not related to cancer. It is not a matter of personal relationships and if you want to discuss another speculation, it is not related to plastic surgery,” he has settled insisting once again that the nature of these problems it has nothing to do with your marriage.


He cannot yet confirm when the expected incorporation of his wife to the institutional tasks will take place, but it is estimated that it will remain in treatment for at least a few weeks. The Prince has also told how his children are coping with this difficult situation -on Monaco National Day they dedicated a loving message to their mother from the balcony- and she has assured that they understand, that they knew that she was very tired and that they will visit her soon. He has also opened up about how he is living it, taking into account the busy schedule that he usually has these months. “Of course, I am sad, but I know that he is in a good place now,” he said.

It seemed that Charlene’s return from Monaco to the Principality after more than six months in South Africa recovering from a severe ENT infection marked the beginning of a new phase with the Princess back on the Monegasque public agenda. Nevertheless, some statements by his sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock seemed to warn: not so fast. According to the wife of his brother Sean, it was possible that he did not return to the palace and that his incorporation into public life was not immediate. The palace communiqué confirmed with words that raised more questions than answers his temporary retirement and now, finally, the prince Alberto talks openly about the reasons that will keep his wife away from her family and her duties for a while.

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Alberto de Monaco confirms that Charlene is back in the hospital and speaks more clearly than ever about her health