Alberto de Monaco, ‘furious’ after the inflammatory statements of his ex Nicole Coste about Princess Charlene

There are many fronts that Alberto de Monaco has open, who continues with his agenda, together with his children Jacques and Gabriella, while his wife recovers from her illness in South Africa. All while dealing with rumors of a crisis in their relationship. But what I did not expect is that just when Princess Charlene is more in the spotlight than ever, Nicole Coste, the mother of her son Alexandre, who has not spoken publicly since that interview in Paris Match in which he revealed that Alberto de Monaco was the father of his three-year-old son Alexandre, whom the Prince recognized and with whom he maintains an excellent relationship. Two months ago, in the same magazine, the Togolese hostess did not avoid talking about Charlene, which has greatly affected the Monegasque sovereign.

Princess Charlene’s new position that brings her closer to Monaco and her family

Alberto de Monaco has reacted to his words in an interview in Point de Vue. It is not usual for a head of state to respond long and hard to a media outlet, even less so when he has been in the eye of the hurricane for so many months, but he seems determined to put an end to speculation about his marriage once and for all. To do this, he has also had to address his disappointment after the words of Alexander’s mother, 18, who assured that he had experienced things with Princess Charlene that had “shocked” him.Like the fact that he changed his son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence to install him in the guest wing. Rainier’s son considers these comments “inappropriate” and he is forceful when it comes to ensuring that he was “furious” when he met them.

He reproaches Coste for not telling him. As he explains, he only told him that something was going to be published, so he thought that perhaps it was a photograph of Alexander’s birthday, who had just celebrated his coming of age. I did not assume then, that what came to light was going to further fuel speculation around Charlene’s absence. In this sense, the Prince stands firm. He insists that he misses his wife and calls the rumors “unfounded and full of fully fabricated valuations.”


These rumors have not helped at all the already complicated situation of the couple. Charlene from Monaco has been operated three times for an ENT infection that prevents her from flying and therefore reuniting with her family. Her husband and her children have visited her on several occasions, but not even the emotional reunions that they have been eager to share have served to silence the voices that insist that their marriage is facing a crisis. Now, the wait could have come to an end and, as Alberto has indicated, your wife is about to overcome this health slump And not only will he be able to be present on November 19 on the balcony of the Grimaldi Palace to celebrate Monaco’s National Day, but it is also possible that he will accompany him on November 13 on his official trip to Dubai.

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Alberto de Monaco, ‘furious’ after the inflammatory statements of his ex Nicole Coste about Princess Charlene