Alberto de Monaco, on Charlène: she is not in the Principality and her ailment “is not only physical”

The state of health of Charlène from Monaco worries. If we believed that her return to Monaco was the end of the road, time has shown us that the princess’s recovery is going to be longer than expected. A few days ago the official statement was made public in which they confirmed their absence on Monaco National Day, which will take place on November 19.

Now, an interview with Alberto de Monaco for ‘Monaco Matin’ has contributed new data on the state of Charlène, as well as revealed some unknowns that had long been the subject of rumors and comments in the principality. Some international media They claimed that Charlène was not in the palace, but was living in a nearby apartment. Speculations that do a disservice to the constant rumors of crisis in the marriage.

Charlène, along with Alberto, Jacques and Gabriella. (Palace of Monaco)

It seems that things are not exactly like that, since there is a part of truth in those statements, but also another that is not true. It was Alberto himself who with his words revealed that Charlène “is not in the Principality, but we will be able to visit it very soon. I cannot say more for discretion ”. The prince follows in the wake of the statement, where his whereabouts were avoided, ensuring that it was “strictly confidential” in order to “protect the comfort and privacy” of his recovery. At the moment that is still the case.

Given the great concern that has occurred after knowing the news that Charlène needs a recovery time Apart from his professional work, Alberto has been understanding and therefore has wanted to explain a little better how his wife is: “She is better, but he still needs rest and peace. (…) There is fatigue, not only physical, that can only be treated with a period of rest and follow-up ”. His words follow the pattern set by the official information that we received a few days ago, where it was requested respect for them and their privacy.

Alberto de Monaco continues with his routine. (EFE / Pool / Valery Hache)

On November 8, Charlène was finally coming home, after spending six months suffering from an ENT (otorhinolaryngological) infection. This health problem made him have to go into the operating room up to three times and made it impossible for him to travel by plane, so had to stay in South Africa, where he was at the time of illness.

As we have noted, it seemed that his return home was the end of this ‘nightmare’. However, the happiness of his reunion with his family was only a small pause. The alarms were going off again a few days ago when, instead of his wife, he was his sister Estefanía who accompanied him to Dubai.

Alberto and Charlène, together in South Africa. (Instagram)

His return to Monaco It served him to catch air and charge the batteries, But it has not meant the end of the recovery process which, according to her husband’s words, has not only left him with great physical fatigue, but also with some emotional aftermath from which you have yet to recover, and nothing better than to do it in calm and tranquility, in a place that they have chosen not to reveal to give you the privacy you need.

This temporary situation that they are going through has made him consider certain things, especially with regard to the lives of his children. The twins, who are already six years old, they can count on their father for everything because, as he stated in the same interview, “My priority is my family.” Being present in the lives of his children is key for him, especially now that they are learning and growing: “The way they grow helps them perceive the world. If one of the parents is absent for medical reasons it is necessary that the other parent is there ”.

Charlène and Alberto, at Christmas 2017. (EFE / Sebastien Nogier)

Charlène’s ailment has forced to change the whole family dynamic, as well as to get used to the idea that they had to spend time apart. A difficult time for the whole family, but if we trust Alberto’s word, it seems that soon they will be able to meet again, who knows if to celebrate the Christmas parties together as on other occasions.

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Alberto de Monaco, on Charlène: she is not in the Principality and her ailment “is not only physical”