Alberto speaks clearly: Charlène’s health, her children’s school and the truth of their relationship

We still have in our retina the image of Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco during National Day celebrations, with posters dedicated to his mother, the great absentee from the party. We could already get an idea that the two princes were the worst in the not be with her, but now it has been his own father who has confirmed it. It has been in an interview granted to the French ‘Paris Match’, in which Alberto once again spoke clearly of the Charlène’s health, the truth of their relationship and their children, revealing why he decided to remove them from school.

“They are doing quite well. Of course, they miss their mother -said Alberto-, they understand that his mother needs to rest to find them better. They support her in her recovery by sending her lots of love. They also know that they will have messages from her very soon and that we will go to see her as soon as possible. My family is my priority: without neglecting the affairs of the State, I am as present as possible with themAnd this is precisely the reason why children today They do not go to school, but they are being educated in the palace. A topic of debate that he also wanted to clarify.

Cover of ‘Paris Match’.

Prince Albert says that they already did it in the pandemic and have decided to continue like this due to the absence of Charlène, although he trusts that come back to school soon traditional: “We have set up a small relocated classroom for them. They are not alone, as four of their classmates, two boys and two girls, joined them with the same teachers as if they were in your institution. The space is arranged like a normal classroom, which overlooks the garden. It is a pleasant environment for their young years, “he assures, thus clarifying the doubts about why they were not attending his usual center, the François-d’Assise-Nicolas-Barré.

And if there are two people to whom the Monegasque sovereign is fundamentally grateful for their support throughout this time, They are his sisters, Princess Carolina and Princess Estefanía, also precisely because of the love that Jacques and Gabriella are getting from them. “In this delicate period, my children and I feel very surrounded, supported by our family, starting with my sisters. We are very happy and grateful for this beautiful unit, this family support, but also that of close friends. Warms the heart. Charlène needs calm, rest, tranquility and appeasement“.

Princess Carolina, with Jacques on National Day. (EFE / Pool / Eric Gaillard)

Prince Albert insists, as he already commented to another publication, that know the rumors both about Charlène’s health and about their relationship and, again, he assures that there is not a serious or incurable disease, nor is your partner in danger. Your current situation is simply the consequence of the different surgeries you have undergone in recent months: “When she returned, she herself was aware that her state of profound fatigue would not allow her to fulfill her obligations, and that she had to seek help.” It was a joint decision of both the marriage and their closest family, and the result was the admission to a therapeutic center located outside the principality, in a place that has not been revealed for reasons of discretion and to give the princess the tranquility she needs.

You don’t need an interview to know that her husband and children think of her, but Alberto confirms it: “We are all thinking of her very hard while we await their definitive return. “And they have shown it recently: not only by the posters that Jacques and Gabriella wore at the National Day celebrations, with messages of “we miss you” and “we love you”, but also in a recent appointment, when to celebrate the anniversary of the Soroptimist club of Monaco they chose plant a South African jacaranda, in homage to his mother’s country and where he has been practically this entire year.

Jacques and Gabriella, planting a South African tree. (EFE / Sebastien Nogier)

This interview was granted shortly before National Day celebrations and adds to the list of statements that Prince Albert has given in recent weeks about the state of health of Charlène and their relationship. And they have always followed the same line: making it clear that it is a strictly ENT problem and that their relationship does not suffer. It is true that in previous interviews the sovereign was much more optimistic, ensuring that his wife would return to Monaco earlier than planned or that he would be at the big party in Monaco, last Friday.

But neither one piece of information nor another – perhaps more a wish on his part – could come true. In addition to the princess not being able to return to Monaco until November, her incorporation into the official agenda will take. He was the great absentee on a National Day, in which, paradoxically, was very present, not only because of the messages that his children dedicated to him, but also because of the bishop’s words at the cathedral mass or in the small tribute that the police force wanted to do, forming a 10 to remember his anniversary. Gestures that corroborate that they think a lot about her, as Alberto says in this new interview, in which he has once again spoken clearly about the family situation.

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Alberto speaks clearly: Charlène’s health, her children’s school and the truth of their relationship