Alec Baldwin speaks for the first time of the tragedy

The life of Alec baldwin changed forever a little over a week ago accidentally kill to the cinematographer of the film called Rust, in whose filming they were immersed. Since then, the American actor has taken refuge in his family To assimilate what happened, he has canceled the next professional commitments to take his time and had only written a message about it through his public profiles. In his words he showed his full support for the loved ones of the deceased, Halyna hutchins, and claimed to be heartbroken by the tragedy. However now the winner of three Golden Globes has broken his silence. He has spoken for the first time about how he is living the situation, what his relationship with the deceased was like and the new rules that he hopes there will be in Hollywood regarding the use of weapons in the movies.


The unseen images of Alec Baldwin moments after the tragedy

The assistant who handed the deadly weapon to Alec Baldwin was fired from another shoot for a similar incident

This Saturday, during an outing with his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, through the streets of the town of Manchester (New England) where they are, Alec spoke with reporters that these days they are watching their steps. As shown in the images of TMZ, the protagonist of titles such as The Cooler, 30 Rock or Torrente 5: Operation Eurovegas, He explained that Halyna Hutchins “was my friend.” In addition, she recalled that when she arrived in Santa Fe to begin filming the film, she was having dinner with her and with the director, Joel Souza, whom she also injured. in the same accident but his injuries were not serious. “We were a very very well oiled team recording a movie together. And then this horrible event happened, “he lamented.


A few hours after the accident on the set. Alec was with Matthew Hutchins and Andros, husband and son respectively of his partner, of whom he continues to be very aware: “We are in constant contact with him because we are very concerned about his family and his son”. In addition, he says that when he was with them he found Halyna’s widower in shock, “overwhelmed with pain”, and that he would not know how to define the encounter they had. Both parties also speak frequently with the agents who are in charge of clarifying what happened. In this sense, the actor explained that he is cooperating with the police, that he talks to them every day and that he is waiting for “the sheriff’s department to tell us that their investigation has ended.”

In favor of a change in the protocol for the use of weapons in filming

The movie Rust, of which Alec was the protagonist and also a producer, was suspended after the accident and he himself has confirmed that the recordings will not be resumed. In addition, during this impromptu appearance also He declared himself in favor of the mobilization that has begun in Hollywood to prohibit the use of real firearms in filming. “It is not for me to decide because I am not an expert in this field. Whatever you decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting the safety of people on film sets, I am in favor and will cooperate with that in any way. you can, “he explained.

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Alec Baldwin, the versatile and renowned actor who has found calm next to his wife, Hilaria, and their 7 children

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Alec Baldwin speaks for the first time of the tragedy