Aleida Núñez ended up with her millionaire oil boyfriend

Until very recently Aleida Nunez lived one dream relationship with the oil businessman Bubba Saulsbury, who showed not skimping on gifts for the Mexican. However, the soap opera star reported that returned to singleness.

The actress shared the reason why her love affair with the American millionaire ended: “Unfortunately the distance does not play in favor”he told the media, explaining that he lives in Texas and she in Mexico.

For Aleida it is important to have her partner close: “The truth is there are many things that at the time one would like to share more closely, both emotions of happiness or sadness and unfortunately because of the distance sometimes that affects us so that there can be a close connection“, he added.

At the time, the actress said she was aware that the distance could interfere with her courtship.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m recording the telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’ in Mexico, so he, between his business and occupations, and I in mine, the reality is that many times he has come to see me at Mexico. We already had a trip together. I think that whenever you want, you will be able to. The day we no longer want to, then we will no longer be able to, “he expressed her at the end of January.

The accusations for their relationship

Núñez was pointed out as having obtained a ‘sugar daddy’an older man who gives money and expensive gifts to his much younger partner, but the actress denied it and defended herself.

“The truth is that I take it really very relaxed, he too because I know what I am and obviously he does too. I think that term, that title has nothing to do with what he and I haveand the most important thing is that we know it and that’s it,” he declared at the end of January.

The brief love story of Aleida and Bubba

Núñez reported that it was not the businessman’s assets that made her fall in love, but the way he treated her.

“When I met him, I know that many people will not believe it, but I met him as a person, as a human being, and obviously later I found out about all this, but that’s the least of it, I really believe that today the most important thing is to be with a man who pampers you, treat you well, treat you like a queen in every way“, he explained.


The huge birthday present

On January 24, Aleida turned 41 and celebrated with a party to which she invited her famous friends. Her then-girlfriend sent her a huge flower arrangement containing 2,000 red roses with which she posed for the media.

Aleida Núñez was the protagonist of memes

After their courtship was made known, the actress was the target of memes by naming her as ‘Saint Alida Nunez’ for getting a millionaire boyfriend, they even created a sentence for her that amused her.

“I tell them that we must pray every day, but not only to find a good person in life, but also to thank life for the fact that we have health, love, that we can find a person who really wants to take care of us, who makes us happyThat is the most important thing in life. What good would it do for you to have a person who has many millions if he is not going to treat you well? That would be horrible, frightening,” said the artist.

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Aleida Núñez ended up with her millionaire oil boyfriend