Aleida Núñez “with her hand on the floor and bum bum up”

“With my hand on the floor and with the boom boom up”, almost that was how the beautiful actress mexican Aleida NunezThis while doing one of the activities that he enjoys the most, training.

The beautiful Aleida Nunez He loves his followers so much that it is not enough for him to show them his beauty and talent, but he also wants to be an example of good habits, both in eating and training, and this is one of those occasions.

The beautiful ex of Juan Ferrara was caught just at the moment in which she was exercising her arms and back, because she is aware that the exercise must be complete and not only in a specific area, but what most attracted the attention of the networks It was in the posture that the photographer captured it.

The beautiful Aleida Núñez was with one leg and one hand on a bench, this to have the best posture for the exercise, but literally she was “with the boom boom up” like the song.

The famous woman looks very concentrated in her training with a dumbbell in hand and her eyes to the front. For the occasion, the singer also chose some light-colored leggings and a rather short top, also in a light tone. The sports outfit of the former member of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy delimited her curves to the maximum, emphasized her waist and showed off her steel abdomen.

The beautiful Aleida decided to train with her loose hair and her quite natural face, it is undoubtedly seen that this famous woman enjoys physical exercise and having good habits, which are reflected in her enviable figure.

Aleida Núñez “with her hand on the floor and the boom boom up”. Photo: Instagram.

This beautiful woman is more loved by Internet users for her sincerity, since Aleida Núñez has shared that sometimes she does not feel like getting up to exercise; however, she gets up and does it and then feels much better, setting an example for others that if she can do it, so can others.

Núñez has shown that she is not a plastic girl, who enjoys fitness, taking care of herself, but that she is also a very intelligent and hardworking woman, who can easily get ahead without a man by her side.

Aleida Nunez She began her artistic career at a very young age, she has developed as an actress and singer, but she has also discovered her side as a businesswoman and influencer. Social networks have been a very important medium for this woman, since even during the pandemic, it was in force at all times.

Social networks have helped Aleida to be closer to her followers, both sharing advice and motivational phrases, as well as very attractive content about her beauty or products from her women’s clothing brand.

This woman has become one of the most recognized faces on Mexican television despite not having been the protagonist of soap operas and always leaving a mark on each of her characters. Many people remember Aleida for her character as Yazmín García in The Most Beautiful Ugly, which he developed so well, that more than one of them must have wanted to go against him off the scene.

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Aleida Núñez “with her hand on the floor and bum bum up”