Alejandra Ley revealed that she is pansexual

Alejandra Ley is also standupera (Photo: Instagram / @ alejandraleytv)

The actress Alejandra Ley revealed that she is pansexual and although she has been fortunate enough to be able to speak openly about her preferences, she also said that sometimes his comments turn out to be an obstacle to getting a job and have even caused problems with his neighbors.

In an interview for the show First handAlejandra assured that she can speak freely on the subject, but it is something that has taken her a long time. “I have to admit that I am very lucky, I can talk openly about my sexuality and I have the possibility to say in my life and in my environment that I am a lesbian, but it was a job of many years. I have to thank my family who are very loving and open to that. […] But I would love to live in a world where your sexuality has nothing to do with job opportunities. “

The actress explained that she had to change residence because her neighbors were intolerant of her. “The universe rewarded me, after living in a building in the Valle neighborhood full of homophobia, I switched to a beautiful building, where half are musicians and we are all friends and we get together to create and write songs and sing ”.

The actress is recognized for her participation in "Carousel of the Americas" (Photo: Instagram / @ alejandraleytv)
The actress is recognized for her participation in “Carrusel de las Américas” (Photo: Instagram / @ alejandraleytv)

The actress explained that this event occurred during the pandemic. “We are talking about this happening in 2020 and that in that year in the building there were a couple of neighbors who didn’t like me to be openly lesbian and they did evil things to me such as plugging the ceiling drain causing it to flood and even They scratched my uncle’s car, who’s also gay. It is important that we talk about these things ”.

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante carried out in February this year, the actress revealed that currently identifies as a pansexual person. Ley recalled that the first time he spoke about homosexuality with his mother was at the age of 15. “I told him: ‘Hey Pinita, if you remember that you asked me the other day that I wasn’t with a guy, is that I am with someone, I’m dating Marlene’ and he asked me: ‘And when did you turn out to be gay here?’ and I said: ‘Well, this is me and if you have a quarrel … ´ and he said: ‘Well no, you are my daughter and I support you ”.

Alejandra Ley has been a host in "How cool!" (Photo: Instagram / @alejandraleytv)
Alejandra Ley has been the host of “¡Qué Chulada!” (Photo: Instagram / @alejandraleytv)

The actress assured that at 36 years old she discovered that she defines herself as pansexual, since she does not fall in love with another person’s gender or sexual orientation, but with the essence, because she has realized that she has already felt attracted to a man. once by women. “I was a girl and didn’t think about my sexual orientation at all and I can tell you, there are moments of my day where I feel 12 years old and I feel on my own planet, I never questioned it, today I define myself as a pansexual woman ”.

Alejandra assured that despite identifying herself like this, the actress has felt attracted on most occasions by women than by men. “Today I have it clearer, I am 36 years old, but also my relationships are primarily with women, I get hooked much more sentimentally and romantically with a woman, but it’s not that I don’t like men, it’s just that I don’t understand them, I don’t connect with a man, I haven’t been able to fall in love with one “he said in an interview.

Alejandra Ley had a daughter with her best friend (Photo: Instagram / @alejandraleytv)
Alejandra Ley had a daughter with her best friend (Photo: Instagram / @alejandraleytv)


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Alejandra Ley revealed that she is pansexual