Alejandro Fernández is seen in his most special facet next to his granddaughter Cayetana

Without a doubt, one of the most memorable moments for the Fernándezes in 2021 was the arrival of the little girl. Cayetana, the first daughter of Camila Fernandez Y Francisco Barba. An event that undoubtedly has the whole family with feelings on the surface, especially to Alejandro Fernandez, the proud grandfather of the baby, who in addition to being very happy for the tender stage of life she experiences, has found refuge in the little, especially after the death of his father, don Vicente Fernandez, being his greatest consolation in his hours of mourning. This is how the singer has recently seen it on his social networks, where he has shared some of the most emotional images next to Cayetana, allowing himself to be seen in his most special facet, enjoying this beautiful stage of life to the fullest.

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With his heart overflowing with illusion, ‘El Potrillo’ shared on his Instagram profile a series of images in which he was seen enjoying a beautiful sunset on the beach, in the company of his first granddaughter, with whom he posed most smiling , while playing with the baby. In the photos, it is evident that the singer and his granddaughter have managed to build a beautiful connectionWell, in most of the images you can see how Cayetana smiles at all times with a certain complicity at her grandfather, who of course corresponds to the tender gestures of the baby.

At the bottom of the images, the singer quoted the writer Jorge Bucay, thus describing what he feels in these beautiful moments. “The time that is enjoyed is the true time lived”, Can be read as a description for the album of photographs with which he has generated endless reactions from his fans, as well as some members of his family, such as his girlfriend Karla Laveaga, his daughter América and Camila, the proud mother of Cayetana.


The most handsome and the happiest grandfather

At the beginning of May, almost two months after the birth of Cayetana, Alejandro shared the first photos with her. “The owner of all the serenades that I have left to give. Blessed”, He then wrote next to the snapshots. In its publication, which immediately added thousands and thousands of likesNo more words were needed, as the scene left no doubt about the singer’s immense love for his first granddaughter. This was the first of several publications that The foal has done in his social networks with the baby, who has the whole family in love, and in the case of his uncle Alex Jr, eager to debut himself in parenthood.

Although it is known that ‘El Potrillo’ is usually reserved when it comes to his personal life, in relation to Cayetana he has been a little more open, since it has certainly been almost impossible not to shout to the world how happy he is as a grandfather. “With the girl, what do I tell you, I go to her house, she does nothing more than eat and sleep and I take her for three hours and I stay watching her, enjoying her“The singer confessed last April, shortly before his 50th birthday, in an interview for the television program The fat and the skinny. I wait for the moment when she can walk and be able to talk to start to miseducate her, that will be my task”He joked about his plans as a grandfather. “I think I am in a very good moment and I am satisfied with everything that God and life have given me, I am super grateful, very grateful with the birth of my granddaughter Cayetana, and I can’t wait to go back and be able to hug her again”, He expressed then.

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Alejandro Fernández is seen in his most special facet next to his granddaughter Cayetana