Alessandra Rosaldo has “thought she will die” from her recent health problems

Alessandra in “Pinky Promise” remarked that it has been difficult (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

To the surprise of many, Alessandra rosaldo He confessed that 2021 has not been his best year, even through tears he decided to tell a distressing situation that you are going through, which is related to their state of health.

It was on the Youtube show, Pinky promise, where Aitana’s mother decided to tell Karla Díaz about this stage in her life.

“I have never so openly said that the last year of my life has been very strong for me because I have experienced physical ailments and symptoms for the first time that I have never experienced before, and I have been very scared and i thought i’m going to die and I haven’t been well, but I’m better now”, said.

She also stressed that the first months of this year were critical for her, as she was in various situations that made her fear and be very worried.

All these first months of 2021, boy, scare after scare, so it has been very strong, but I’m fine. It is that blessed God I have always enjoyed perfect health and I have always felt good and when suddenly you start to feel bad, very bad, then you get scared, “he said.

Similarly, the singer mentioned that, despite how worrying it was, she was in optimal condition.

Alesandra Rosaldo has been worried (Photo: Instagram / @ alexrosaldo)
Alesandra Rosaldo has been worried (Photo: Instagram / @ alexrosaldo)

“Fortunately I have nothing serious, but I have lived very strong months of that, of concern above all, of anguish and great concern and also already tired. It’s a very strange thing because you go from: ‘I had never felt this before’, to worry, to fright, to getting used to living like this and then to: ‘Again?‘. I’m so used to this feeling, to feeling all these things that I’m not scared anymore but I’m fed up, ”she said.

Thus, although Alessandra did not want to delve into the condition that afflicts her, remarked that he was already seeing his trusted doctors and remarked that there were also other factors for everything that happened to him.

I think that in my case it is a jumble of things, it is physical, absolutely physical, but it is also emotional, but it is also the stage of life in which I am, the hormonal process because of my age, obviously. It is a jumble of many things and I got the ball together and then it was not pretty. I am aware that it is a process ”, he highlighted.

Alessandra also confessed in this program who it was that ended her romance with “El Temerario Mayor.”

Alessandra Rosaldo spoke frankly about a dark time in her life (IG: alexrosaldo)
Alessandra Rosaldo spoke frankly about a dark time in her life (IG: alexrosaldo)

Alessandra went back to the year it all began, in 1993, when she was 23 years old. She used to go to the club on a recurring basis Bulldog at Sullivan and on one of her visits she met Adolfo, who invited her to his table, to share a moment with him.

The singer assured that she, unintentionally, felt attracted to him despite the fact that he is about eight years older than her, because he is a person who conquers with his way of being.

Although that night was just a normal talk, “hence He didn’t let go of me anymore“Recalled the interpreter of Paper love. However, the relationship ended a year and a half later, without warning, but normally for him.

According to Rosaldo, she thought she still had “something” with the singer until she found out that she was not. He was aware that “El Temerario Mayor” used to go from one couple to another with no in-between times, but he didn’t know that he would realize that their romance ended through a magazine. The member of Opposite Senses He said that Adolfo “changed” it to Chantal andere and there his story ended.


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Alessandra Rosaldo has “thought she will die” from her recent health problems