Alex Caniggia’s reprehensible comment against Pampita that he later deleted

"The Hotel of the Famous" He already has his first controversy: Alex Caniggia made a misplaced comment against Pampita
“The Hotel of the Famous” already has its first controversy: Alex Caniggia made a misplaced comment against Pampita

It hasn’t started yet The Hotel of the Famousthe reality of The thirteen which will have Carolina pampita ardohean and to chinese leunis as hosts, it already brought its first controversy. The thing is alex caniggiaone of the figures that will participate in the format, published in his account Twitter a reprehensible comment that, apparently, would have been directed against the model and driver.

“The maid is on the show, but will she make my bed for me?”, launched the media on Sunday afternoon. The word used by the brother of charlottesince that is the nickname given to the wife of Roberto Garcia Moritan when he started modeling and that he supposedly created it nicole neumannsomething that the ex of Fabian Cubero he continues to deny to this day.

Next, Alex also took aim at his future competitors: “Going to the hotel as the only star, to meet my colleagues I had to look at Wikipedia, I think everyone should suck on my socks”. However, hours later, deleted both messages of the birdie’s social network and can no longer be seen on his profile.

Alex Caniggia's reprehensible messages on Twitter, which he later deleted
Alex Caniggia’s reprehensible messages on Twitter, which he later deleted

It is not the first time that the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia refers disparagingly to the former jury of The academy. By case, in June he had used the same term when her twin had a confrontation with her on the track ShowMatch. “They told me that the maid argued with my sister. Poor mine I see that the wound from her horns does not heal”, Alexander shot from his Twitterappealing to rhyme, as is usually expressed in writing on their social networks.

And followed: “I recommend a good psychologist if you want, Pampas… Get better or China will come back and your husband will work for you”, he added without metaphors or unknowns. In fact, he swept Pampita already Eugenia Suarezreviving the controversy that put an end to the relationship between Ardohain and the Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuna. On that occasion, the former participant of Master Chef Celebrity he had also retraced his steps and deleted the post.

Meanwhile, the future reality show of the channel that commands Adrian Suar It is scheduled to start in mid-March, the date from which 16 Argentine celebrities will live together in a luxury hotel and compete with the objective of staying there for four months, which is how long the production expects this cycle to last. as reported. “The hotel is a luxury. They put everything so that we can be here and be a great television show. There will be a lot of competition and hopefully there will be romances. All together they will be having fun, making alliances. Anything can happen!” Carolina had said in an interview with Fabian Doman on D-moment (The thirteen).

In addition to Alex, Rodrigo Noya, Silvina Lunasinger Militta Bora, Leo Garcia, Walter Queijeiro, Sabrina Carballothe former footballer Maximilian The Chanchi Estevez, Majo Martino, Kate Rodriguezthe actor Imanol Rodriguez, Pato Galvan, Martin Salwe -speaker of the latest edition of ShowMatch-, the former Bandana Lisa Vera, Melody Light and the fashion producer Matilda White -another with a past in reality, as a jury of Cut and confectionare the other contestants who will give everything to win the contest.


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Alex Caniggia’s reprehensible comment against Pampita that he later deleted