Alexa Dellanos lowers her bikini to the height of her intimate part and raises the temperature of her followers

Alexa Dellanos she loves to please her more than 8 million followers with provocative poses and skimpy clothes as she did with a photo she shared on Instagram where, her bikini is slightly lowered on the seashore and the temperature of her followers rises.

The young influencer, daughter of Myrka Dellanos shows off her pronounced curves while enjoying the Sun, sand and seaso he wanted to raise the temperature even more and She lowered her tiny bikini a little, and only the elementary part of her intimate part is covered.

Bikini is lowered on the beach

“Hold that heat”the 28-year-old wrote on her Instagram account along with a series of photos, where sheShe wears her statuesque body with a tiny bikini that stirred up the spirits of her loyal followers.

In the first photo, Alexa appears on the beach, wearing a tiny brown bikini with black edges.

As if her tiny strappy bikini weren’t enough, the young influencer lower the thong from the sidesrevealing a part of his groin, only covers what is necessary of his intimate part, which has undoubtedly left more than one breathless.

Show off rearguard with dental floss bikini

In another of the images, Alexa Dellanos presume voluptuous rearguard in her dental floss bikiniwhich leaves nothing to the imagination.

While in the third image, in addition to showing her huge butt, she shows that part of her bust, since the bikini is too small.

And in the last photo, the young influencer adjusts her bikini, pulling part of the straps upstealing sighs from the gentlemen who delight their pupil with the voluptuousness of Myrka Dellanos’ daughter.

Alexa has no qualms about showing what nature has given her and constantly shares sexy, scantily clad images and daring poses on her Instagram account.

“Pure fire”, say followers

“Hot, my God, sexy, pure fire”, are some of the comments that the 28-year-old influencer has received.

In just a couple of hours, the images have received more than 54,000 likes.

And it is that if it is about raising the temperature, Alexa Dellanos knows how to do it very well and shows off her attributes with tight clothes, such as with the yellow dress that she showed off with the sides uncovered, which further highlighted her tiny waist and huge rear.

In addition, the dress showed that the model also did not wear a bra, taking the breath away from the gentlemen.

In the same way, he looked stunning with his silver dress that she wore to show off that she reached 8 million followers on Instagram.

The low-cut minidress revealed her well-formed breasts; In addition, her shapely legs and buttocks, since the openings on the sides allowed her outlined curves to be seen.

Turn up the heat with daring bikini

And not to mention the photos she shared a few days ago where she boasts a daring black polka dot bikini, which marked her voluptuousness, while posing outside a pool.

The photos have achieved more than 152,000 likes and the comments of his followers were immediate.

“Beautiful, hottie, a barbie, cute”, are some of the messages that his followers sent him in Instagram.

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Alexa Dellanos lowers her bikini to the height of her intimate part and raises the temperature of her followers