Alexia Hernández reappears in networks after the birth of Mía

After her debut as a mom, alexia hernandez He reappeared on social networks next to his little daughter Mia. One week after we told you in baby birth scoop, her mother surprised her followers with a snapshot in which we see her ready for her first outing in the company of her baby, whom she took to the pediatrician. The wife of Alex Fernandez wore a casual look with which we saw her comfortable while carrying the little girl in her stroller. After the birth of the baby, several members of the Fernández clan used the social networks to welcome you.

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Through one of her stories on Instagram, Alexia shared with her more than 52,200 followers this snapshot in which we see her happy playing her role as a mother: “First trip to the pediatrician”, the woman from Guadalajara wrote about a photo she captured, in front of a mirror, in which we saw her wearing a white shirt, pink pants and white tennis shoes. In the image, the stroller with Mia inside also appears, which is why the baby is not seen. Until now, the image they shared of the day she was born is the only one they have on their social networks of her daughter.


Mía was born on March 17 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The arrival of the baby provoked the tender reaction of several members of the Fernández clan, such as the proud grandparents, América Guinart and Alejandro Fernández, who used their social networks to share a message dedicated to the newborn. Using the same photo that they shared with us for the first time, the baby’s grandparents were very excited about her birth: “Thanks life. I can’t ask for anything more”wrote The foal on your profile. For its part, America Guinart posted: “Once again our lives are illuminated with another gift from God. My second granddaughter, my continuing to transcend and fill my universe with love. Welcome to the world Mia, my love”.

The thrill of your birth

After Mia’s arrival, the young couple shared a message on their Instagram account dedicated to their daughter whom they were looking forward to. With emotion on the surface, Álex Fernández wrote: I am officially the happiest man in the universe. Thank you love for the best gift”. Alexia, for her part, also published this photo, with a few lines in which she also thanked her husband: “I love you baby! Charro, thank you for my princess”this post provoked the reaction of America and valentina fernandez who wrote to him: “I love them”. Karla LaveagaEl Potrillo’s girlfriend, also left several happy face emojis with heart eyes in the comments.

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Since Alexia and Álex Fernández got married civilly, they were very clear that they wanted to become parents soon, so the news that they are expecting Mía caused a lot of emotion in the family that, a year ago, received Cayetana, the daughter of Camila Fernandez and Francis Beard. It was last September when the couple revealed, exclusively for HELLO! what they were in the sweet expectation of their first child. A month later, the couple shared with their Instagram followers the moment they found out that they were expecting a girl who, from first instant called Mia.

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Alexia Hernández reappears in networks after the birth of Mía