Alfonso Herrera announces his divorce and gives the chair of true love

Alfonso Herrera announces his divorce and gives the chair of true love, because like a gentleman he expresses himself with love and gratitude towards Diana Vazquez, mother of his children and now his ex-wife.

Alfonso, whom many of us know as Poncho herrera and who has stood out for his work in soap operas such as Class 406, Rebel and movies like “The dance of 41” and “Loving You hurts”, She had always conducted her personal life with discretion, but today she decided to speak out to protect her family from the press and public opinion.

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While the actor stressed that the couple’s relationship had ended a long time ago, Diana Vazquez She was a great mother and a great woman, teaching true love to those who decide to take a different path from a couple with children in between and emphasizing that the two children they share remain their highest priority.

It was through social networks where a few minutes ago, Alfonso Herrera He shared a statement emphasizing that it will be the only statement he would make in this regard and that he asked for understanding and privacy for this process, particularly for the mother of his children and the children, whose face he has not revealed publicly.

With great maturity, Poncho Herrera pointed out that the divorce decision was made on the best terms, for the good of both and with love and respect, evoking the case of peaceful divorces such as that of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann.

“… Diana became my accomplice on the journey and with her we have given life to our beloved children. She is an exceptional mother; a strong woman and has a huge heart… ”mentioned the actor in his statement.

Alfonso Herrera, a proud dad and a respectful ex-husband

Just this weekend Alfonso Herrera He had shared that his eldest son had received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, previously revealed when he received the first and had given insights into his family life enjoying moments with his children without revealing his face.

His youngest son was one of the babies born in a pandemic as María Paula, the daughter of his partner in RBD Sweet Maria and Emiliano, the youngest son of Anahi, so it was common for everyone to comment and congratulate each other on the children they have brought into the world.

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Diana Vázquez, the ex-wife of Alfonso Herrera He has kept a low profile and his profession could not be more different from that of the actor, since he is dedicated to architecture, he also loves gastronomy and wines, said the actor when talking about it. She gave birth to their first child in 2016.

The statement that Alfonso Herrera shared on Twitter makes it clear that he has affection and respect for the mother of his children, a genuine interest in protecting his family that although now has changed, it is still his priority. The message was applauded by his followers for the good sense with which he expressed himself and the way he expressed himself about whoever was his life partner.

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Alfonso Herrera announces his divorce and gives the chair of true love