Alfredo Adame presumes to be a millionaire, but ex assures that his mansion is badly damaged

the presenter Alfredo Adame63, has been on everyone’s lips in recent months because of the way he is managing his life and because of his strong temperament, which has led him to fight on the street and making a large number of enemies, including Carlos Trejo, Laura Bozzo, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Andrea Legarreta.

His enmities are not only limited to other colleagues and his own family, but also to some of his exesas is the case with Susan Quintana, who made strong comments against him.

In an interview with the Mexican program ‘De Primera Mano’, Susan revealed some details of the private life of the actor, who claims to be a millionaire, but the reality seems to be different.

According to his ex, Adame’s economic situation is far from being the bestwhich is reflected in the deterioration of its beautiful, but very ancient mansion in Mexico City.

“He lives in a very, very old house. When I went in for the first time, there was a hole, a square, I don’t know why, in the ceiling, but it was very big, about one and a half by one and a half; It was a very large painting on the ceiling. When I walked in, he told me, ‘I’m going to fix it,’ but I didn’t know what it was. As I got to know his house, it creaks, many sheets are loose, ”Susana shared.

The interviewee also highlighted thatThe problems of the house of the ex of Mary Paz Banquells are not only limited to structural issues, but also to their null investmentwhich means that at a certain time of day it no longer has water service.

“You can’t go to the bathroom or want to wash your hands or anything at night. After 7 there is no more water. The man who worked there told me, that he is a very nice person, that this Mr. Adame never wanted to spend to put a bomb, “continued Susan, who recalled that her ex has also had his electricity cut off due to lack of pay.

What is Adame’s mansion like that doesn’t look like it did in its best times?

Alfredo Adame has lived since 1999 in an imposing mansion in the Tlalpan mayor’s office, in Mexico Citywhose value would be around $2 million dollars.

The residence, which is built behind an imposing and high stone wall, has various rooms personalized to the taste of its owner, who is a lover of playing billiards and collecting model airplanes.

Dining room

Its dining room is made up of a rectangular table with red chairs for eight people, as well as some works of art.

Living room

His living room, located right next to his fireplace and from where he has beautiful views of his garden, is made up of brown armchairs, red cushions and a coffee table in the same tone.


Your garden, which is, without a doubt, the protagonist of your home, has extensive green areas, with outdoor furniture, tall trees and a swimming pool with its respective spa area.

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Alfredo Adame presumes to be a millionaire, but ex assures that his mansion is badly damaged