Alicia Machado and Ninel Conde are honest about their children and the controversies during their visit to Despierta América

Wake up America dressed up with the visit of Ninel Conde and Alicia Machadowho came to share very special moments and speak about the things that are happening in their lives.

During the morning show, the actresses allowed us to see their human side and opened up in an interview with Karla Martínez and Alan Tacher about their children and how they deal with criticism and controversy daily.

Alicia Machado and the day she handed over her Miss Universe crown

The Venezuelan was the first to be interviewed by Karla Martínez, who praised how good she looks at 45 years old. The Mexican presenter put Alicia’s memory to the test by showing her images of her last day as Miss Universe.

“I almost always see the coronation, but I rarely see my crown delivery. I felt free, I felt that, according to me, hell was over that they were so aware of me, of everything I did or said, “she confessed.

The winner of Miss Universe in 1995 revealed that, after handing over the crown, he went to his hotel and “I got the first big drunk of my life”; however, she stated that, despite everything she experienced after that moment that changed her life, she feels “accomplished” and “happy” because she has achieved her goals and become an actress. .

Alicia Machado remembers the “first great drunkenness” of her life after handing over the Miss Universe crown

Likewise, Alicia Machado recalled the time that Raúl de Molina, in 1997, put her in trouble by showing her some photos where she was seen with Enrique Iglesias: “It was a very beautiful time. Enrique was a great friend of mine back then,” he said.

The artist went on to say that in one of the rehearsals prior to the delivery of her reign, she already suffered from multiple problems, including eating disorders that he suffered, and which caused him to faint on one occasion and it was the interpreter, whom he has always seen as “a cousin”, who helped him.

Ninel Conde: the reunion with her son Emmanuel and her OnlyFans account

Minutes later, with the charisma and beauty that characterize her, ‘El Bombón Asesino’ made an appearance in the happiest little house on Hispanic television where she spoke with Alan Tacher about his son Emmanuel and the reunion he had with him after two years of not seeing each other.

“Thank God it was a very nice end of the year to be able to see him, and little by little reestablishing the link,” he said, adding that he cannot give more details at the request of the judge handling his case.

Ninel Conde, who insisted that “it is very important to restore that maternal bond which is important for all children”, she confessed to having felt “super nervous, but excited” to be able to see Emmanuel in person and not through a video call as usual.

Ninel Conde clarifies how she is doing single and in the process of reestablishing the relationship with her son Emmanuel

In response to Alan’s question about whether he is over what happened with Larry RamosNinel limited herself to answering that “the best way to combat adverse situations in life is to create, build and not focus on the things that hurt you.”

The actress and singer also spoke about his new project on OnlyFans, which premiered this Tuesday with exclusive material. Ninel thanked all her followers who have already subscribed and before Alan’s question about how daring she will be, she replied: “When you see the response of the people, one is encouraged.”

During her visit, Ninel shared with Jessi Rodríguez some makeup tricks that are perfect for highlighting beauty, and she was also encouraged to do some yoga exercises next to Yudi Arias to strengthen the muscles.

Alicia Machado and Ninel Conde face criticism and controversy

Already together, in an interview with Karla Martínez, the two actresses were honest about how they deal with criticism and controversy in their daily life, since recently both were involved in the scandal of celebrities related to drug trafficking that Anabel Hernández pointed out in her book ‘Emma and the Other Ladies of Narco’.

The Venezuelan pointed out that her mother has always been a great support for her in any situation, although she has also undergone psychological therapy for many years since she left Miss Universe.

“It has not been easy to protect her”: Alicia Machado talks about her daughter, her father and the book that links them to drug traffickers

In addition, she shared how lucky she feels to have her daughter Dinorah and opened her heart to reveal that the young woman is going through a depression problem due to her “slander” in the book: “It has not been easy to protect her from everything that It is said that”.

He also took the opportunity to send a message to Dinorah’s father, assuring that the 13-year-old girl has told him that she loves him “above all things in the world.” Affection that she told is reciprocal.

For her part, Ninel Conde expressed that, in the midst of all the attacks she suffers and the problems she is facing for her son Emmanuel, she has always felt grateful for the blessings she has in life:

“If I focus on the negative, on things that don’t build, I don’t become a productive or creative person. That’s when depression comes in, frustration comes in,” she concluded.

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Alicia Machado and Ninel Conde are honest about their children and the controversies during their visit to Despierta América