Alicia Machado attacks Gaby Spanic, telling her that she should “seek psychological help”

Alicia Machado attends the premiere of'Peter Rabbit' in Los Angeles, California.

Alicia Machado attends the premiere of ‘Peter Rabbit’ in Los Angeles, California.

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There is very little left to meet the winner of the popular reality show on Telemundo The House of the Famous then they made themselves known the five finalists of the contest.

The first runner-up was former Venezuelan beauty queen Alicia machado. After her it became known that Manelyk González, Cristina Eustace, Kelvin Renteria and Pablo Montero also became finalists after the five participants starred in an arduous contest where they shared all their experiences on the show.

It is no secret to anyone that the reality show La Casa de los Famosos always comes to touch with controversial topics during each broadcast episode, This is mainly due to those contestants who were unfortunately eliminated and come to say not so flattering comments to the participants. In this opportunity the controversy originated from Alicia Machado, who lashed out at Gaby spanic upon receiving a painful betrayal from her.

Remember that Gaby Spanic was eliminated from the show a couple of weeks ago and the Venezuelan cheerleader nominated Alicia Machado during the first round of eliminations, in order for her to become his main candidate to leave the show. Also, this “betrayal” was confirmed by a video shared by the host of the program, Héctor Sandarti, to the five finalists of the reality show.

In said video It is possible to appreciate the already eliminated Gaby Spanic attacking Alicia Machado and both starred in a real clash of words. “Oh, she is my partner and my compatriot and I love her very much.” And I feel who talks a lot and does nothing at tea time. A point for Alicia ”, expressed Gaby Spanic.

Subsequently, Alicia Machado did not remain silent and expressed the following with a sarcastic tone. “Week one, how good!”, Commented the former beauty queen as she listened to the words of Gaby Spanic. “How strong!”

Following that, Héctor Sandarti shared a video with Alicia Machado where some of the participants who were eliminated voted for her to end up being expelled. In this material the testimonies of Gaby Spanic and of Gisella Aboumrad, who was eliminated from the program by obtaining 28 million votes. “From the first week he was nominating me, how’s it going!” Alicia Machado commented after seeing Gaby Spanic’s evil strategy.

After having seen the entire video, Héctor Sandarti gave the floor to Alicia Machado so that she could give her opinion on what she heard and saw in said video clip. The Venezuelan actress did not hold back and sent a forceful message to Gaby Spanic.

“I love all my colleagues who are here. And in the case of Gabriela Spanic who gives me a deep pity, I wish you hopefully seek psychological help and may she really find peace in her heart and in her life and hopefully one day she will learn to value people who are worth having by her side, “concluded the 44-year-old former beauty queen.

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Alicia Machado attacks Gaby Spanic, telling her that she should “seek psychological help”