Alicia Machado broke the silence about her daughter’s father: “They love each other above all things”

Alicia Machado with her daughter Dinorah.

Alicia Machado with her daughter Dinorah.

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visiting in ‘Wake up America’, Alicia Machado He broke the silence about his daughter Dinorah’s relationship with her father, José Gerardo Álvarez Vázquez ‘El Indio’: “They love each other above all things”.

What led Alicia to speak for the first time about this family relationship that always eluded her? The interview he did Karla Martínez where she asked both her and Ninel Conde who were this Wednesday morning at the show, How did they take care of their children from what was said about them, as in the controversial book that Anabel Hernández launched, ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’?

This book talks about both guests, in the case of Machado dedicates a chapter entitled ‘Alice in the country of cocaine’. There is the alleged extramarital relationship that they would have had from which they procreated Dinorah, who was born in 2008. Two years later, this drug trafficker was imprisoned in a maximum security prison in the Altiplano.

Today, Alicia, after Karla’s question about the book and about how they take care of their children or what they tell her when they see them sad, looked her in the eyes and with tears she said:

I don’t know how to do that, I have achieved it with mine… My daughter is profoundly wise, I thank God for sending me a daughter like Dinorahshe has grown in this, today she is the one who tells me: ‘Oh mom, please, I know how things are’”.

And he decided to take that step that he had never taken until now, recognize, although without naming him, that the drug trafficker, ‘El Indio’ is Dinorah’s father.

“I am going to take advantage of saying it to let my daughter’s father listen to me… I want you to know that my daughter these last two or three weeks has been quite depressed because of the bookwhich has a number of slanders from around the world, and she has been a little sad, but with a maturity and strength to tell me: ‘I love my dad above all things in the world’”he began by saying before a deep silence in the studio where they even removed the music they had in the background.

“She was recently with her sisters in California, because she has her sisters and she has a paternal family that loves and adores her, and I sent her there for a few days to spend with them. She hugged me and told me: ‘Mom, I know everything you have done during my 13 years to protect me from a story that is neither yours nor mine and I don’t care, I love my dad, I adore him’Alicia continued.

And also, for the first time, he gave details of what he has lived through all these years, since his daughter was born, to protect her.

He adores his daughter, he loves her, he has suffered a lot not being able to be with her. It hasn’t been easy for me to protect her from everything, I’ve had to protect her like a lioness. So the people who try to harm us or harm him from that side, it will cost him a lot of work because I am going to continue protecting that love story, and that wonderful daughter that I have.“, he concluded.

Let’s remember that Alicia’s relationship with ‘El Indio’ was always talked about, many times she denied it, others only spoke in a very limited way, and in ‘The House of the Famous’ it extended a little more, but never like this morning in ‘Wake up America’.


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Alicia Machado broke the silence about her daughter’s father: “They love each other above all things”