Alicia Machado confirmed her relationship with Mexican actor Roberto Romano

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Alicia Machado pointed out that after having publicly exposed her life for 13 weeks in The home of the famousNow it’s time to keep certain things private. One of them, his relationship with Mexican actor Roberto Romano, who he met inside the house.

«Roberto and I do have a relationship right now. We are happy to have come off that successful show. We are giving ourselves a chance, “he clarified.

About the rudeness that Dinorah Valentina did Romano the final night of The home of the famousMachado said that his daughter “is beautiful, with beautiful values ​​and very noble.” He also explained that he has always taught him that people deserve a second chance, that it is their universe and that after that moment the three of them have gone out to eat.

With the philosophy that in life not everything is to receive, that you also have to give back, the actress commented that she will work hard to keep your audience entertained. Among his future projects, he highlighted a couple of films, an important project with Telemundo and the continuation of What’s up alicia for Televisión Azteca.

Grateful for the experience

After a week of leaving through the front door of The home of the famous as the winner of the reality show Telemundo, Alicia Machado said she only feels gratitude. Miss Universe 1996 thanked all those who accompanied her in her best and worst moments of the competition, but, above all, those who they recognized her as human before famous.

Visibly moved by the changes she has undergone in recent days, the Venezuelan presenter admitted that she prefers to talk about all the good and learned that the experience has left her. During his stay in the reality show, he shared with friends and colleagues how Jorge Aravena and Pablo Montero. Lawsuits and mistakes are situations that he put aside to advance lightly on this new path that lies ahead.

«Definitely the greatest learning has been, mainly, dominate my fears. I have always shown myself to be a strong woman, but deep down, I have suffered from many fears and many insecurities. Staying as I am, as I am, firm in my way of being, in my feelings. That led me to triumph and that is how my life will be from now on, “said Alicia Machado, while ensuring that she had lived a successful 2021.

Controversy is part of everything. I do not cause them. Simply I am a woman who lives her life as she thinks she should. The basis of my stay in this business is my talent. Nobody stays in this business because of scandals. Sometimes my comments are controversial because I do not go against the current like a sheep, “he said from Miami.

After losing 12 kilos inside the house built by the competition’s production, Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo, the artist’s first name, many speculated about a possible bariatric operation. The 44-year-old model assured that it was not like that and added that entered reality with a recommended diet by your doctor. Similarly, he revealed that, together with Manelyk González, he invented “the diet of the grand finale” to lower what was missing.

About Gaby Spanic

Undoubtedly one of the most remembered moments of the first edition of The home of the famous was the discussion between Alicia Machado and her compatriot, the actress Gabriella Spanic. In the altercation, the winner told her then friend that it was “more fake than a mariachi gun.”

Today, almost two months later, the new Telemundo talent expressed that he wishes his colleague the best. He also exhorted her to get her life back. «I do not wish him bad, but it is a relationship that was fractured. I’m fine on my part. I still respect her. I love her, but for now I don’t see a need for a reunion. If life wants us to meet again, that’s how it will happen, “added the multifaceted.

After having suffered bullying and lived the most trampled reign in the history of Miss Universe, Machado feels that «life rewards me with everything wonderful What is happening to me”. He even expressed that “sometimes I’m even afraid of being so happy.”

In the same way, he gives thanks because he closes 2021 with the love of the people, the unconditional support of his work team, the affection of Romano and the presence of his daughter and his mother. “I can not ask for anything more. And with health, I am very grateful, “she reaffirmed with her watery eyes.

Now that he is in the free community, Machado plans to visit Carmen Salinas placeholder image a person who, he said, has meant a mother when away from home. «She is someone who has no way of not listening to her and not following her advice. I’m worried about her, but I had to go back to Miami. When she is in Mexico, I hope I can hug her and I hope that my presence will help her improve, “then she continued giving thanks.

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Alicia Machado confirmed her relationship with Mexican actor Roberto Romano