Alicia Machado defends Miss Universe for gaining weight


Miss Universe 2021 is criticized

Miss Universe 2021, Sandhu Harnaaz, is in the eye of the hurricane after appearing at a social event with a few extra kilos. The images immediately went viral. On the other hand, the Venezuelan Alicia Machado He did not miss the opportunity to give his support to the universal queen.

Since Sandhu Harnaaz became the winner of the Miss Universe 2021 pageant has been highly questioned on social media, by fans and beauty pageant experts, for her remarkable weight gain. Many users on social networks argue that it is not possible that the beauty queen did not take care of her physical appearance. On the other hand, they have criticized her for the outfits she wears, alleging that the people who advise her seem to want to attack her image.

Alicia Machado gives her support to Miss Universe

In 1996, Alicia Machado was crowned Miss Universe. The former beauty queen at that time was also criticized for her sudden weight gain, the president of the organization, Donald Trump, exposed the beauty queen to the media by showing her change in front of the cameras.

In the midst of negative comments, Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado came out to defend the current Miss Universe stating that 2022 was a year of empathy and that there is no longer a suitable place for such offensive comments to pass without consequences.

“Certainly and thank God this beautiful queen and brave woman does not have Mister Pig (Donald Trump) as boss. This 2022 is another era of empathy love for others and today bullying is a crime! Hail Queen Beautiful.” It was Machado’s comment in support of the negative reviews that have flooded social networks.

Alicia Machado and her weight gain in Miss Universe

Donald Trump told me “you look fat”, accuses Alicia MachadoThe former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia Machado participates in a video released by Hillary Clinton, in which she delves into the accusations that the former Secretary of State launched yesterday at the Republican in the first presidential debate in the US.2018-11-02T15:35:11Z

After her reign as Miss Universe, Alicia Machado gained weight and Donald Trump’s criticism of her did not cease, with strong rumors at that time of her removal from the crown. On that occasion, Trump summoned the media to record Machado exercising in front of the cameras. In a recording of the time, Trump is seen smiling: “With what he has gained in weight, you can tell he likes it. eat”.

Miss Universe has not yet spoken to thousands of netizens who attack her and highlight her weight gain, despite this, Harnaaz has other more important qualities such as her preparation and social work to inspire and be a model for new generations.

The Miss Universe crown is such a great responsibility that the imposed beauty stereotypes seek to crown perfection in women, over the years and with a new generation of girls who seek beyond winning with their physical appearance is to connect with stories of life, through preparation and education, thus breaking paradigms and being spokespersons for female empowerment.

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Alicia Machado defends Miss Universe for gaining weight