“All mine”, Christian Nodal, a real Don Juan… 4 and counting

Christian Nodal has been unstoppable since his breakup with Belinda, he has been caught with a different woman, in just two months the “Mexican regional” has appeared with four different girls.

It is a fact that the singer Christian Nodal has decided to give free rein to his freedom and enjoy life at 23 years of age, so in recent months he has been seen with different women.

After one of them seemed to be the candidate to steal the heart of the “sonorense”, it seems that Aurora Cárdenas would not come to stay in the life of the interpreter of “Adiós Amor”.

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Christian Nodal after Belinda, is going for the fourth in two months. Photo: Capture Instagram

Now the native of Caborca ​​is breaking hearts everywhere as they assure, right now the interpreter, who has inspired those disappointed in love, seems to be living a wild stage and does not plan to fall in love very soon.

This does not prevent “Belinda’s ex-fiancé” from sharing his love with some beautiful women who cross his path.

Apparently, deep down, the “Mexican singer-songwriter” would really seek to forget the artist of “Spanish” origin, and it is “between parrandas and women” where he would look for a way out. A supposed close friend of Nodal would confirm the suspicions.

It seems that he does not get over Belinda, he has an excessive obsession with dating women and showing that he is “all mine”, as revealed by the informant.

The one born on January 11, 1999, who even recently released the song “We are not and will not be anymore” (supposedly dedicated to Belinda) “does not have stability,” said the unknown author of these statements after mentioning that first, he left Belinda , because he would return with his ex-girlfriend, María Fernánda, whom he “threw away” shortly after, and it has continued like this, he would comment.

In a magazine published by TvNotas, an alleged close friendship with the Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard, Lo Nuestro, among others, recounted Nodal’s fleeting relationships in the last two months.

First, he was seen with a girl named Maríana Ríos, who apparently is an “escort” and manages an “Onlyfans” page, according to versions, later, another young woman named Andrea Flores, with whom he was seen in a restaurant in Los Angeles, for which would even miss a concert in Colombia, he reiterated.

Later, he was caught with Aurora Cárdenas, a professional dedicated to the real estate business, and from whom it transpired, “she was a friend of the artist’s family”, however, this would leave Andrea Flores very bad, says the source, since found out through the news.

Apparently, Christian Nodal reaches a point where they make him angry and stop answering the phone, until they find out on television when he is already dating others and thus they find out “that he leaves them,” says the “anonymous source “.

Likewise, he confirmed again the rumors that have circulated about Christian Nodal’s pleasure in paying for the company of some women whom he assures, “he cheats them with their money, and then leaves them.”

Not to mention that “he pays almost a million pesos! to rent a house in Los Angeles, where he would give free rein to the pl@c3r,” they say.

So this would also be a warning for the new girl in question, Aurora, whom she would also invite to her apartment in Los Angeles, however, the source assures that “she does not intend to take her seriously at all.”

He is just having fun with her, he takes her everywhere right now, but he will be with her as long as he likes and when he finds another, goodbye!

However, not for everything there, since although Christy Nodal follows this girl’s account, her true objective is to monitor women who approach her firstborn, she refers, however, although the native of Guadalajara shows herself as a woman independent who loves fashion and travel, the truth is that he also carries a certain reputation, as he mentions.

Some, girls like Andrea Flores, have been emotionally very bad, since they seem to have deluded themselves with the artist who makes them feel guilty and thus have “reasons” to leave them, mentions the publication.

Unfortunately, fame and success seem to have clouded the reason of the remembered “ex-judge of La Voz” who gets the women he likes largely thanks to his money, the author hinted.

In addition, the one famous for lyrics such as “They didn’t tell you wrong”, “Here below”, “Bottle after bottle” among others, has particularly disliked Belinda’s fans, whom he also attacks and is somewhat mocking.

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“All mine”, Christian Nodal, a real Don Juan… 4 and counting