All the details (and controversies) about the second season of ‘I’m Georgina’

Saturday, February 5. Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates 37 years surrounded by those he loves most: his four children and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez. However, his birthday isn’t the only thing being celebrated in the quasi-marriage house these days. The Netflix docureality ‘Soy Georgina’ is a worldwide success and has managed to catapult Jaca to the top of stardom Worldwide. Thanks to the documentary, Gio has become a “first brand” on her own, capable of flying (very) high beyond being the girlfriend of the Manchester United star. The success has reached such quotas that Georgina is already negotiating the second season of the reality show. LOOK has been able to access first-hand some details of the millionaire contract that will allow the young woman to continue fattening her checking account and her fame.

January 12, 2022. Gio and CR7 take the player’s private jet – the one we’ve seen so much in the socialite series – from Manchester to Madrid. Instead of staying in one of the three houses that the couple owns in the capital, they prefer to do so in a Deluxe suite at the centrally located Hotel Villamagna. That same night they have dinner at the Amós restaurant, in Villamagna itself, as reported by vanity. They left soon since the next day a heart attack day awaited them. Georgina and Cristiano traveled to the Spanish capital for two very specific reasons: attend a medical check-up at the Quiron University Hospital and meet with the leadership of Netflix Spain. Although the reality show starring the Spanish woman with the largest number of followers on Instagram would not be released until January 27, the audiovisual giant’s commitment to Gio was clear and it wanted a second season. In fact, filming has already started. To Netflix, Georgina’s pregnancy seems like enough hook to attract the audience and that will be the leitmotif of the second season. The move to Manchester, the pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her twins will focus the attention of the reality show, without undermining the ostentation and predilection for fashion and the world of luxury, which are already a trademark of the house. All this has changed several million euros. In 2019, Gio had a personal fortune of 8.9 million. At the end of 2021, and with the Netflix contract already signed, her fortune is estimated, according to Forbes, at 23 million euros. You do the math.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo in a photocall / Gtres

Portuguese public opinion, outraged by the absence of the Aveiro family

However, not everything is gold on blue. Although the documentary is also a success in Portugal, Cristiano’s country, a large part of public opinion has been outraged for not including the crack family in none of the 6 episodes of the first season. From social networks to television programs, there have been many Portuguese who do not understand how the footballer’s family in general and his mother, Dolores Aveiro, in particular, are excluded. One of the most critical voices has been that of Duarte Siopa, one of the most beloved presenters in the neighboring country. In his program ‘Manha CM` on the CMTV network, the subject has been addressed for several days and the communicator has not hesitated to express his opinion: “I really liked the documentary, I have nothing against Georgina, but let me tell you: I don’t understand how Ronaldo’s family doesn’t appear, much less Doña Dolores Aveiro. Without her there would be no Ronaldo and without Ronaldo there would be no documentary or private plane to show. I repeat: I really liked the documentary, but I cannot tolerate ingratitude”. Magazines such as ‘Flash’ and ‘VIDAS’ or web pages as relevant as ‘Hiper FM’ or ‘Dioguinho’ also echoed the absence of the women of the Aveiro clan, showing surprise and indignation. The commotion reached such magnitudes that Gio herself in an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ spoke about the subject: “It’s my reality show and they are not (Dolores and Cristiano’s sisters) because the circumstances were not given for them to be”. LOOK has been able to find out that in the second season a greater prominence of the athlete’s family is contemplated. And it is that although Georgina’s relationship with the family aveiro has had its ups and downs, the truth is that at this time family peace reigns. Will it be final? We will see.

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All the details (and controversies) about the second season of ‘I’m Georgina’