Amber Heard gives her first testimony in the trial against Johnny Depp: these are her accusations

After taking the oath, the ‘Aquaman’ actress began her testimony by assuring that she finds it “painful” and “horrible” to sit on the stand to “relive everything” that happened during her relationship with the actor.

“This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever been through, hands down,” the actress said while holding back tears, TMZ reported.

The beginning of the relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

During her testimony, Amber Heard indicated that it was Johnny Depp who “approached her hard” while filming the movie ‘The Rum Diary’ in 2009, and kissed her first.

Heard added that when she met Depp again a couple of years later to promote the film, they began a “lightning” romance that was “hot” and that “I had it in my head” in the early stages.

The 36-year-old actress said she felt “overwhelmed” with the lavish gifts and world destinations the “Scissorhands” star invited her to visit.

Amber Heard recounts the first time Johnny Depp “slapped” her

The actress then said that, without specifying the date, she was sitting on the sofa with Depp, talking “normally” and that she asked him about a tattoo on his arm that was “difficult to read”. “He said ‘Wino,'” likely alluding to actress Winona Ryder, who was his girlfriend. Amber laughed, causing him to fume, “It was that simple. I laughed because I thought he was joking and he slapped me in the face.”

“I laughed, because I didn’t know what else to do. I thought: ‘This must be a joke’… I didn’t know what was going on. I kept looking at him, still laughing, thinking that he was going to start laughing too to tell me that it was a joke. But he didn’t,” the actress shared.

Heard went on to claim that her then-husband slapped her again after calling her a “funny bitch,” so it was then clear to her “it wasn’t a joke.”

“You would think I would have an answer, but I, as a woman, had never been hit like this. I’m an adult and I’m sitting next to the man I love and he slapped me for no reason, it seems. I didn’t understand a thing. It was that stupid,” assured in court.


Amber Heard says Johnny Depp apologized to her

Continuing her testimony, Amber Heard claimed on the stand that after Johnny Depp “slapped her” all she thought about was that she didn’t want it to be real, as she didn’t want to leave him.

“I so wish I had said I was kidding. Because it didn’t hurt; it didn’t hurt physically… I didn’t want to leave him. I didn’t want this to be reality. I didn’t want the man I was in love with… I know you don’t know.” Come back from that. I’m not dumb. You can’t hit a woman, you can’t hit a man. You can’t hit anyone,” she said.

Completely moved, Heard claimed that Depp began to cry after slapping her and was pleading with her on her knees, saying, “I’ll never do that again. I’m so sorry, baby.”

Amber Heard reveals why she didn’t break up with Johnny Depp

After what allegedly happened, Amber Heard assured in her testimony that she did leave the house where she lived with Johnny Depp, but that they later talked and he swore that he would never hit her again, so she decided to continue the relationship.

However, the actress said that things turned violent between them “regularly” as Depp accused her of being unfaithful and hit her during their fights, despite her denying the accusations.

This is the fourth week of the trial for defamation of the lawsuit that Johnny Depp filed against Amber Heard.

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Amber Heard gives her first testimony in the trial against Johnny Depp: these are her accusations