Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp so he wouldn’t leave her, marriage counselor reveals

A few days after the controversial trial between actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband, the famous actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Deppnew and chilling revelations come to light from the person who was her marriage counselor for several months. Laurel Anderson revealed that Amber Heard hit him Johnny Depp so that he wouldn’t leave her.

However, the therapist admitted that the abuse It was mutual, well Johnny Depp came to mistreat Amber Heardalways provoked by herself who, she assured, started the fights, because she couldn’t bear that he walked away from her.

During the defamation trial taking place in Virginia, in which the actor of fantastic animals Y Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sued his ex-wife, the actress of Aquamanfor 100 million dollars for calling him an abuser in a column, which devastated his artistic career, Dr. Anderson revealed what was happening in his marriage in its last stage, when they were in crisis.

She gave the couple a total of 21 sessions that began in October 2015, in which she witnessed the situation between the ex-partner, in which both revealed controversial situations that ended with their relationship. marriage.

“I know she led (the fight) on more than one occasion and started it to keep him with her because leaving and him leaving was her worst nightmare. If he was going to leave, she would beat him up to keep him there. She would rather be in a fight for him to leave, ”accused the specialist.

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However, he acknowledged that the “abuse was mutual”, always Amber Heard provoking Depp.

“Miss Heard reported that it was a point of pride for her if she felt disrespected to start a fight. Her father had hit her, she was not going to finish,” she continued.

Furthermore, he added that, although Johnny Depp He was not a violent person and he did not have any situation with any of his ex-partners, there was violence from him towards the actress of Criminal minds Y The OC.

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“It had been well controlled for almost 20, 30 years and both (Depp and Heard) were victims of abuse in their homes. I thought it had been well controlled for decades and with Miss Heard it was triggered and they engaged in what I saw as mutual abuse,” he revealed.

The sessions ended in 2016 when the doctor refused to go to Depp’s home to perform the therapy after a friend of the actor had requested it, since he had never done so.

“She said: ‘I thought he (Deppp) was having a hard time in the sessions and I think it was something about the process between the two of them,’ she said.

“(What difficulty?, they asked him) Having a voice. Miss Heard had a jackhammer style of speaking. She was very excited. She had trouble speaking at a similar rate. She cut a lot. I guess this is what she was. That’s how she had no voice. She couldn’t speak with her fast-talking manner, so she was really overwhelmed.

The therapist pointed out that both spoke quite badly, and even had to see Amber Heard with bruises and marks of abuse, although she said she did not witness such. While I’m trying too Johnny Depp showed marks on the jaw from blows that Amber Heard gave.

“This is her allegation of physical abuse, so when she said he hits her, an open-handed slap, she says he hits her back and now he starts and sometimes he hits first.”

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Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp so he wouldn’t leave her, marriage counselor reveals