Amber Heard sobbingly accuses Johnny Depp of raping her with a bottle

Amber Heard has returned to the charge this Thursday against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in the trial that confronts both in a civil lawsuit before a court in Fairfax (Virginia). To questions from her lawyer, the 36-year-old actress has been reviewing her relationship with Depp, from her infatuation and her wedding, to the episodes in which she accuses him of having beaten, mistreated or sexually abused her her.

The most dramatic part of this Thursday’s statement came in the afternoon, when Heard described between tears and sobs an attack by Depp, 58, against her with a bottle with which he penetrated her, according to his testimony. The attack happened in Australia in March 2015, when Depp was shooting the fifth installment of the saga in that country. Pirates of the Caribbean.

They were arguing over drink. Depp faced her. “She was yelling at me and saying that I had ruined her life: ‘I fucking hate you. You’ve ruined my fucking life,’ she told me. I look into her eyes, and I don’t see him anymore. He was not him. I have never been so scared in my entire life. He was trying to communicate with Johnny and I couldn’t see him at all,” she recounted. “At one point, he had a broken bottle against his neck area by his jaw, and he told me he was going to cut my face,” she said.

Heard said that he did not remember the exact sequence of events, but that he penetrated her with a bottle. “I remember I didn’t want to move because I didn’t know if it was broken… I just remember thinking, ‘Please, God, please, I hope it’s not broken.'” Beard claims that Depp told him over and over again: “Fuck, I’m going to kill you.” She says that her vagina bled, but that she convinced herself that the bottle wasn’t broken and that she would have been much worse off if it had been. The lawyer wanted it to be clear and asked if Depp had penetrated her with the bottle. Heard responded between sobs: “Johnny had the bottle inside me and he put it in me over and over again.”

Johnny Depp, present at the trial a few meters in front of his ex-wife, took off the sunglasses that he had worn most of the day. His face was a poem. He has repeatedly denied any type of aggression. This Thursday he was crestfallen throughout the statement, sometimes exchanging a few words with his lawyer.

At trial, two bottles were shown on a bedside table that Heard herself had photographed in the hotel. She said that she was not aware of having that photo until she saw it a few weeks ago: “My stomach sank,” she said, although she did not identify that one of those was the bottle with which Depp raped her because, she said, she has no memory. mind of it.

Jealousy attacks

In the first part of the declaration this Thursday, in the morning in the court of Fairfax, Virginia, where the trial takes place, Beard has accused her ex-husband, 58, of behaving violently out of jealousy, among others of the actor James Frank.

The actress shot in 2015 with actor James Franco the film Remnants of a life (The Adderall Diaries). As he has stated in court, Depp hated Franco and that he was furious when he found out that Amber and Franco had kissed for a scene in the film.

Aboard a private plane, Depp called Heard a “bitch” and asked her in sexually explicit language what Franco had “done” to her body. According to Heard, Depp smelled like weed and alcohol. Depp was throwing things at her, she was changing seats trying to avoid him until at one point he went behind her and kicked her in the back before the indifference of the escorts and the crew, always according to the actress’s account . “I was embarrassed that he could kick me to the ground in front of everyone,” Heard said.

Depp has repeatedly denied in this same trial that he had ever hit Heard or any other woman. However, the actress described this Wednesday between tears scenes of physical, psychological and sexual violence.

The actress assures that on another occasion Depp accused Heard of flirting with someone in the met gala In New York. After the party, back in the hotel room, the actress says that he grabbed her, pushed her and they both struggled. “She is stronger than me. At some point, he hit me in the face (…) and I thought he had a broken nose, ”said the actress.

Heard’s lawyers have shown as evidence photographs and recordings that the actress herself made to her ex-husband, in some of them lying on the ground or screaming.

Depp and Heard divorced in 2016 after 15 months of marriage (and three years of dating), she requested a restraining order and accused the actor of ill-treatment, something Depp has since denied.

The current trial is not a criminal case but a civil one. It is a consequence of the lawsuit filed by Depp claiming Heard 50 million dollars (about 47 million euros) for damages. The actor alleges that an article she published in Washington Post in 2018 caused Depp irreparable damage to his acting career and the millionaire cancellation of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean, his greatest success. In the article, without mentioning Depp, Heard defined herself as “a public figure who represents domestic abuse” and said that she had seen for herself that “institutions protect men accused of abuse.”

The actress he pointed out this Wednesday at the beginning of his statement that it was being “horrible” for her to “relive it all” at trial. “This is the most painful and difficult thing I have ever been through,” she said. Heard has answered the lawsuit claiming in turn 100 million dollars from her ex-husband.

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Amber Heard sobbingly accuses Johnny Depp of raping her with a bottle